Siddha Means One who Has Arrived

Darshans Sannyas darshans

Prem Siddha’s sannyas darshan.

Siddha taking sannyas

Prem means love, and siddha means one who has arrived. And you have arrived home, so that name will always remind you. Now there is no need to search for anything; you have searched enough. You have done all that you can do; now relax, drop all searching. The greatest and most miraculous experience is that when search disappears, one finds.

Never trust those who say that they found through searching; they have not yet found. Trust those who say that they found only when they dropped searching — only they know. That is the meaning of siddha; one who finds by dropping search, one who arrives by stopping all the groping, one who arrives by stopping all journeying.

Those two words are tremendously important in the East: the buddha and the siddha. They belong to different traditions but they mean the same. Buddha means one who has become awakened, and siddha means one who has arrived, but both mean the same and both happen in the same way. Gautam Siddhartha became Buddha the day he dropped all his search. Because searching is a tension, it is desiring; it keeps the mind moving, it keeps the mind occupied. It keeps the mind alive, and the mind has to die for the truth to be.

Osho, Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast, ch 25 (25 February 1978)

Prem Siddha died on 5th June 2014

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