Healing & Meditation — 10 September 2014

Kul Bhushan has a look at the new buzz phrase ‘Mindful Living’.

The tanned, slim, good-looking, ever young and super-rich globe trotters in designer clothes need new phrases to talk about at cocktails and barbeques. After ‘wellness’, the new buzz phrase is ‘Mindful Living’ from the 2014 trends of top global spas and wellness resorts. This is one of the biggest movements the wellness industry has ever seen.


Now, what is this Mindful Living? The idea of attentiveness to the present moment. It can help clear the clutter in your mind caused by the overstimulation of today’s supercharged world. Wow!

Let us look at this concept. The very idea of mind means you are not in the present because it keeps ticking all the time at many levels and different tracks. More importantly, it is never, repeat never, in the present moment. Yes, we all talk about ‘peace of mind’ and keep hankering after this ideal.

This is like a calm storm. How can a storm be calm? The nature of the storm is huge waves, high winds, deafening noise and chaos. How can it be calm? Yet Mindful Living is attentiveness to the moment with your mind. Sorry, that’s just not possible. The aim should be to go beyond the mind. This means to watch, to witness the mind, to become the observer. This is the same as you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Who is looking at me?’

Going beyond the mind is meditation. Pure and simple. What is meditation? Just sitting silently doing nothing, witnessing whatsoever is happening all around; just watching it with no prejudice, no conclusion, no idea what is wrong and what is right. You start meditating with any technique, active or silent, and then you touch a space when it all clicks and you are in this state. It is not doing meditation anymore, you slide into meditation. At first, it happens just for a fraction of a second and you are refreshed as if you have been on a month’s holiday in paradise. You keep at it and you experience it again. Here the crucial part is experiencing not doing. You keep at it and these experiences come again and again until you are in this state for much longer periods. Finally, you are in it for ever and ever.

This is the path of going beyond the mind. The ultimate state has been realized by the enlightened ones like Osho and we are all on the path, if we ever started and keep prodding on it.

Osho says, ‘Mindfulness’ is Buddha’s word for meditation. By mindfulness he means: you should always remain alert, watchful. You should always remain present. Not a single thing should be done in a sort of sleepy state of mind. You should not move like a somnambulist, you should move with a sharp consciousness. Buddha used to say: Not even your breath should be allowed to go out and in without your consciousness.

Forget about the latest catchy phrase. Let’s return to the source: meditation.

Article by Kul Bhushan previously published by Osho World