The Art of Being

Remembering Here&Now

Iain McNay interviews Alan Lowen on

The realisation one day suddenly happens that the story doesn’t begin and end with ‘me’, that I am just a manifestation of something that is so universal and eternal that the little issues really can’t matter that much. The paradox of it is that at the same time the little issues of ordinary life are seen in a new perspective. It also gives me this passion to live this moment as fully, as totally as I can…

Credit to Dhanyam

Alan Lowen studied psychology at London and Oxford universities, then trained in many areas of personal growth, inspired by his first mentor, Dr. Carl Rogers. Later he became a disciple of Osho Rajneesh – receiving the name Anand Rajen – and lived in his ashram for 8 years, leading workshops and exploring the deepest realms of human potential. In 1986 he returned to public life and founded The Art of Being® as a path of self-realization, heart awareness, life fulfillment and spiritual awakening. His book, Keep Being Here Anyway, will be published later this year –

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