My Political Career


A poem by Madhuri

When I was fourteen my elder brother was a politico
And so to keep faith with him I ran for Student Council Vice President.

My campaign manager was a big hairy flower of a tarantula
In a glass jar with holes in the lid. My poster sported a drawing of me wearing
A red print dress I’d made, called the Community Dress,
Since my whole clique wore it and ones like it in different colors.


I’d glued extra fabric on the poster within the Renaissancey outline of the dress –
And I won; and spent my tenure sitting with my feet up on the long table
In the meeting room, sneering and writing poems. I said the school building was ugly, Though it was beautiful – Spanish adobe, ringed by shrubbery and lawns, well-shaded.

I engineered a Sit-In for some causeless cause, like reasonless being.

Aha! It was because my brother’s underground rag, called IT, was banned on campus. That brother –
Who had not wanted me born whatsoever and I don’t blame him, he’d been only two –
Actually published my poetry in his mag. Yeah.

Thus I cast my first rebel-raindrop blossoms
On the dry waters of Southern California.

Poem by Madhuri
Hebden Bridge, 2013
Scribbled for no reason during poetry class

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