Brazil Poem – Abadiania


A poem by Prem Geet.

Afternoon, deep quiet,
the sun, sheer pleasure.
Land made of crystals,
Sky made of heart.

White Horse

Time was a white horse
standing still in the gold grass

Time was a mango
in the hands of a farmer

Time was a stranger,
a listener with passion,
peeling away everything
she did not need.

Time brought her people,
ideas, and new colors,
colors she needed but
could not have imagined.

Time was a killer
whispering at midnight,
“You are never naked. You are always alone.”

Time held her,
embraced her, said
drop it, drop everything.

Time organized her judgments
like worn toys on a shelf.

Time changed
everything to its opposite
and back again, for better.

Evening, deep quiet,
the moon, white pleasure.
Dreams full of emeralds,
A bed full of stars.

Time was a lover, whispering at midnight:
“You were always naked. You were never alone.”

Prem Geet

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