…left his body on 28th October 2012.


Shiv Anand Bharti writes:

Devam had been a long time friend of mine. I met him for the first time in Pune, in 1978. Since then we have remained good friends. He spent many years living in India. This last time he remained here for nine years. He was a musician and there used to be quite often music jamming in his place.

On his birthday, on 28th September, he felt some difficulty in breathing. We took him to the hospital where they found that he was suffering from TB. He needed to be isolated and treated at once. We took him to the speciality TB hospital in Panchgani, a hill station near Pune.

We were mainly three friends who took care of him. Apart from myself there was Vibhav and his attorney Sh. Ramdass. We were attending him day and night. He had lost his appetite completely and was hardly eating anything.

On 26th October at 6.35 pm he breathed his last breath. His body was brought back to Pune and was cremated on 28th October. His family and the Danish embassy were notified immediatly after his death and everything was done according to their wishes and directions.

He will be remembered always by his friends as a jolly good man, always celebrating and sharing with his friends.


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Devam took over my space in 69 Koregaon Park when I left, and he also lovingly took over the care of my little Indian dog, Wonder. I will always be grateful to him – he helped her to live to be more than 16 years old, which must be a record for an Indian ‘street dog’. (After she came to 69 she was off the street.) Beloved Devam, thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

I met Devam when we were both 16 years old and became friends at first sight – and remained friends for the rest of our lives. Together we did our experiments with mental drugs; these formed our minds forever. After 8 years or so, he moved abroad while I remained in Denmark, but we never lost contact. My wife and I talked about visiting Devam, but that failed, sadly enough. He visited our home last time he came to Denmark – which brought back many memories of our lives together. Sadly
missed. Nice to know he is remembered still. Peace and love to all of his friends in India.
Jens Andersen (Don Martin)

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