Sannyas Rebels in Georgia


Madita writes about her recent adventures and experiences in Georgia (formerly part of the Soviet Union).

Magno and I have just spent 6 amazing weeks in Georgia. We had gone in order to do a NLP training and Laughter Yoga workshop there. Once arrived, many beautiful events and invitations kept happening spontaneously and surprisingly.


It seems to me that there is a real big generation gap in Georgia. Georgia is an ancient country and has a very conservative orthodox society. The older generations are very concerned about tradition and mainly backwards oriented. The government is a disaster, torn between orientation towards Russia or promising quick wealth by turning more to the Western countries. Hence the young people seem in limbo: they wear colourful hairstyles, fancy clothes and speak a lot about freedom, yet not really knowing what that is. They are searching for some orientation and so it appears that Osho’s guidance finds many open hearts and minds here. They just love him and everything he says is new and very inspiring for them. So they were so happy we came; they wanted to know about, and experience, Osho as much as possible.

We received an invitation from a spiritually inclined professor of the University to hold a lecture on “Osho and Meditation – Laughter and NLP in this context”. This was scheduled for the day of our arrival. When we entered the lecture hall we were simply startled: about 300 people, mostly very young ones, were expecting us. So we spoke, laughed, meditated and received standing a ovation at the end; I believe they got simply turned on by Osho. Because on it went: a few days later we did a presentation of Osho’s “Secret Of The Golden Flower” in the University’s library and again so many people attended. 150 books were sold of a new publication organized by a small group of students – excellent translation, beautiful layout. Magno and I had helped finance it.

More invitations came, all very spontaneous (apart from my NLP training and the Laughter Yoga group, which were scheduled and happened beautifully). Every single event was amazingly popular and more people attended than the room could hold. There were two more lectures (one on Gurdjeff and one on Osho’s vision of Tantra), “The Forgotten Language” meditation, a three-day painting exhibition plus guided meditations, a meditation camp, interviews on television and radio, and we showed a selection of Osho’s lectures. Ten young people wanted to become sannyasins and so we held two delightful Sannyas Celebrations.

Our hearts were touched by everything we experienced in Georgia, it all felt so alive and with Osho present. It is simply wonderful how Osho still and again and again finds his people.

Today we learnt via Facebook that “The Secret Of The Golden Flower” has become a bestseller in the largest bookshop of Tbilisi. The copies are running out and the new sannyasins over there want to print more. And the second part of “The Secret Of The Golden Flower” has already been translated.

Letter by Madita –

If any of you would like to support this fresh and new sannyas movement in Georgia, you can leave a message on Madita’s contact page.

A video of the event can be viewed on YouTube, if you are fluent in Georgian…

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