The Art of Reflection


Anand shows a series of photographs taken in nature.

011 Anand Reflections 1
012 Anand wow 2
014 Ananad Reflections 2
020 Anand Reflections 7
025  Anand Reflections 10
030 Anand Reflections 4
040 Anand Reflections 5
045 Ananad Reflections 13
050 Anand Reflections 17
060 Anand Reflections 12
070 brilliance
080 Anand Reflections 18
080 Anand Reflections 19
090 Anand Reflections 14
912 Anand
Anand Reflections 6
Anand Reflections 20


I began this series of photographs during a visit to Sheffield Park gardens in the south of England, renowned for its autumn colours. I became fascinated with the reflections of the autumnal glory in lakes and ponds and the interaction of natural light which, combined with gentle breezes across the water, revealed to me an inspirational world of kaleidoscopic beauty. The variegated and prismatic quality of the reflections deepened my sojourn into this world where each moment, captured by the camera, became a glimpse of reality which existed only for that moment, to pass and become something new. It prompted me make these images not only as a photograph, a moment frozen, but to understand my relationship with nature and become a causation, whereby the intrinsic beauty of the natural world allows a personal journey into the nature of our own perceptions.

As this series developed, I found that my images became not just a visual meditation but also gave me a profound sense that the ripples on the water may be seen as a reflection of my own 
perceptions; they prompt me to reflect upon my 
experiences and ask me to enquire into their nature.

My sincere hope is that as you view this work, you find 
solace, tranquillity, and that your inner enquiry allows your own intimate reflection.


Anand DayAnand Day was born in London and studied graphic design and photography in Surrey. He took sannyas in 1982 at the Kalptaru Centre in London, and spent the next few years working as a designer and frequently visiting India, Osho’s commune in Pune. In recent years he travelled in Nepal and attended groups and meditations at Osho Leela in Dorset. He now lives in Brighton where he works as a designer, photographer and outdoor activities instructor.

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