We Have Come Of Age


Beloved Master,
Just the other day, Suman and I went off to Los Angeles via Portland to buy rainbow clothes.

A funny thing happened. We thought we were incognito, wearing rainbow clothes and no mala. And somehow people in the shops and in the airport recognized us, commenting immediately: “Are you excited about the changes? Are you disillusioned? How is Sunshine?” Each time we laughed and looked at each other in disbelief, because we had thought we were in disguise. Beloved Master, would you care to say something about this?

Osho left side

I know it is going to happen. It is not by the clothes that a person is recognized, it is the energy aura around him which makes him separate and unique from others.

My sannyasins will have a different flavour. It does not matter what clothes they wear. You cannot disguise yourself, you will be found out. Your very vibe will make you a stranger.

…clothes and mala
have been dropped,
not because of
any disillusionment,
but because their
purpose is served.

But without the clothes and the mala, your being a stranger is not going to be offensive to anybody. On the contrary, they will become interested: What has happened to this man, to this woman, which is special? What kind of fragrance surrounds this man? Your gestures will show it, your eyes will show it. The way you walk, the way you talk – everything will show it. There is no way to hide a fire which is burning within you. There is no way to hide a light.

You can easily recognize a house which is in darkness and there is no light in it. And you can recognize from the outside of a house if there is light inside: every window, every door shows the light. It is impossible for meditators to become just like other people who are not meditators.

And it is good that they recognize you. That gives you a chance to open your heart to them – that clothes and mala have been dropped, not because of any disillusionment, but because their purpose is served. Now we can be recognized without them. We have come of age.

Many more people are going to become sannyasins, because we have withdrawn all barriers for them. The only change will be that they will have a spiritual name that is not their legal name. In the world they can continue to have their legal name. Their spiritual name will remind them in their day-to-day work that they should not forget they have made a commitment to grow spiritually. And their spiritual name will be a connection with a world-wide community.

Except that, meditation remains your whole work.

Osho, From Bondage to Freedom, Ch 17, Q 4

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