…left his body 2nd October 2013.

Shivanando now and sannyas


Deva Prem writes:

Shivanando was a Hungarian Jew who narrowly escaped the Holocaust as a child and migrated to Canada as a young man after the Hungarian uprising of 1956. He had been a great horseman, and when he escaped, he actually arrived in Montreal wearing his Farkas boots.

He settled in the countryside and opened a small riding school, as well as tend to a few other jobs involving animals which he loved. Due to an unfortunate accident, he later lost the use of his legs. Although he could no longer teach riding, his great love of freedom and growing spiritual awareness continued to expand, and brought him into a deep and lasting connection with Osho. His wisdom, charisma and spiritual presence were an inspiration to many.

In 1979 he travelled to Pune in his wheelchair. He also visited Rajneeshpuram twice. His hilarious adventures at the Mumbai airport (where they lost his wheelchair) and his fascinating life are described in his autobiography Ape Tantra: My Adventures in the Land of Spirits by George Berci (Swami Shivanando) – Kindle: – Paperback:

Shivanando was a great devotee of Osho and translated several of his books into Hungarian.

A death celebration for Shivanando was held last June in Athelstan, Quebec, Canada, where more than 100 people attended.


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