Mahesh Yogi


…left his body on 21st March 2015.

Mahesh Yogi was born in 1942 in Gujarat. He first met Osho in the early seventies. We think he took sannyas as early as 1971. He was then chosen to be in charge of Kirtan Mandali which had the aim to spread Osho’s words in the towns of Maharashtra.

Later on Osho sent him to Kolkata to bring back to life a dormant center in a very sophisticated localitiy of the city, on Moira Street, where he then stayed for some time. After Osho moved to Pune he was for quite a few years the in-charge of No. 8 dormitory. When Osho left for the States he started travelling around India with other sannyasins to do book exhibition.

Since a few months he has not been keeping well and for the last 22 days he was in a local hospital for treatment. He died in his home in Koregaon Park on 21st March, on Osho’s Enlightenment Day.

His death celebration was today, 22nd March, in the commune in Pune.

Mahesh Yogi (last to right) with friends
Mahesh Yogi with friend
Mahesh's death celebration 22nd March 2015


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