Spring Cleaning!

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Mahabha’s input and suggestions for this yearly ritual.

“I don’t relax as deeply as usual if my home is untidy,” admits writer Ann Lynch from West Wales, “it’s as if something inside won’t rest until everything is in its place.”

Many spiritual teachings, including Christianity and shamanism, say ‘as within, so without.’ But what if the reverse was also true? What if our physical environment has a direct impact on our spiritual growth? A spiritual spring cleaning means decluttering both physically and psychically – inside and out. We live in a physical world. Or it may be more true to say we are spiritual beings bound in flesh to learn the lessons this plane has to teach us about balance.

One of the best ways of achieving peace, meaning and clarity is to purify ­–in all areas of our lives. Learning to ‘spring clean’ our environments and our minds makes room for new experiences and insights, and can be of great benefit.


Take a look at your surroundings – are they tidy and well cared for? Does it feel like home? If not, what do feel you could change? Look around with a feeling of gratitude for the roof you have over your head, then sincerely ask yourself: how am I caring for my things?

It’s very beneficial to have our surroundings feel good and filled with only the things that uplift and nourish us. The more consciously we care for the beauty of our surroundings, the more attuned we may become to the peace and guidance of our inner ‘home’. As ancient Egyptian mystic Hermes Trismegistus put it: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.”

The Lounge

Many of us spend most of our time at home in our lounge, relaxing, organizing our lives and socialising. It goes without saying that this is a very important space to ‘get right.’

Spread the love
It’s great to make your lounge as comfortable as possible, so you can all relax and enjoy each others company time and again. Where there’s room, consider a L- or U-shape sofa so that there’s space for everyone to really stretch out and have their space.

Light up your world
As weather-obsessed Britons, we’re keenly aware what strong an effect light has on our mood. If you can, put your lights on a dimmer switch for an instantly relaxing atmosphere for a movie night or romantic dinner. Candles, too, are a simple way of creating a peaceful atmosphere that relaxes the eyes and calms the mind.

The Kitchen

The kitchen represents your physical body – after all you are what you eat. Most of us already understand the benefits of an organic diet, and many more are coming to realise that a meat-based diet is unhealthy, inhumane and unsustainable from a planetary perspective.

Harness plant power
Whatever your current standpoint on vegetarianism, everyone can do their best to become more compassionate. Harmlessness, it is said, is the acme of spirituality. Participating in the popular Meat-Free Monday movement started by the McCartney family (meatfreemondays.com) could be a fun way to try new recipes and kick-start a healthier, kinder way of life.

Get connected
Whether you live with your family or just like to entertain, it’s lovely to have a solid dining table for everyone to sit at and talk. Mealtimes are an important chance to ‘feed’ our relationships. Eating and relating harmoniously will strengthen the bonds between you, and raise your levels of health and happiness.

Get organised
Do you have a spare wall? Put up a pin board and a calendar. Being organised means you’re less likely to worry about forgetting things, leaving your mind calmer.

The Bedroom

Think of your bedroom as a sacred space – a sanctuary in which to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy cuddles with loved ones and pets.

Keep things sweet
If you like to watch TV or DVDs here, pick only the ones that you find funny, romantic or uplifting. What we absorb – psychically even more than physically – affects the way we think and feel, and in turn determines the kind of energy we ‘give out’. To enjoy restful sleep, it’s helpful to not pollute our mind and close our hearts with things that make us feel negative.

Put friendship in the frame
The bedroom is a very good place to have framed pictures of loved ones and/or peaceful scenes. We often carry images from our day-to-day life into the dream state.

This state is significant on several levels – it both helps to regenerate us and widen our consciousness to attune with higher guiding forces. So who and what we carry with us into this state significantly effects both what we dream about and our state of mind in waking life.

Be neutral
Neutral colours such as white, cream and sand are ideal in this room. They have a calming influence and will help you rest and relax.

The Bathroom

Unlikely as it may seem, the bathroom is one of the most powerful rooms in the house. In a way it reflects our outer appearance and how we feel about ourselves. After all, it’s where we wash, clean our teeth and usually take care of our physical appearance. What does your bathroom say about how you feel about yourself?

Keep it clean
Invest in organic and eco-friendly products that are kind to your skin and the environment. The more respect and care we show to all Life, the more spiritual we’re being.

Make things all white
If your toilet has been there for a while, you may want to replace the seat, ideally with a new white one (white is symbolic of purity and divinity – think of doves and angels).

Sit back and meditate
The bathroom is an excellent place to meditate. Water is one of the most spiritual and transformative elements in nature. It both cleanses and heals.

Lie upright and comfy in a warm bath. Start to rhythmically deepen your breathing as you close your eyes and relax deeper into the soft warmth of the water enveloping you all around.

Focus on your heart space and keep your attention here, breathing slowly. Allow an image of yourself meditating inside a beautiful ‘ball’ of pure white light to appear.

Keep your focus on this peaceful, blissful scene for as long as you wish. When you’re ready to end, deepen your breathing, bring your attention back to the bath and – feeling cleansed, loving and restored – open your eyes.

Checklist: Year-round essentials for a happy home
  • Keep things tidy and clean – within reason, of course. Kids love making a mess!
  • Routinely get rid of junk and things that no longer serve you – old diaries, love letters, etc. If you’re not using it, dispose, sell or recycle it.
  • Replace or fix unworn/broken things. It’s a way of being thankful for what you have. And gratitude is a form of divine love.
  • Dedicate regular periods to some quiet time ‘being’ where it’s simply sitting and reading or sewing or drawing with no radio or TV or talking.
  • Review your security. Is your home as safe as it can be? We must protect what is ours and good.
  • Stay fresh. Does every room ‘flow’ nicely? Sometimes it’s good to move furniture around ­– it can instantly change the energy for the better.
  • Meditate regularly – you’ll be building up powerful positive, peaceful energy not just in yourself but also in your home, which will have a healing effect on those in it ­– human, plant and animal. You will be serving others – an extremely spiritual thing to do!
  • If you’re already a meditator, the fresh space you create externally should soon be evident in your practice.
  • It will open up a space internally that naturally allows you to be more open to divine guidance. Listen carefully to what messages, prompts and images that come through ­– and act on them.
Spring clean prayer

Offer this prayer to boost the positive energy surrounding you and make your home a true haven. Close your eyes, breathe slowly, send your focus high up like a beam through the sky and repeat internally to yourself:

May Divine light shine on this space
And bring the joy of love to my face.
Thank you, Universe, for guiding me
To make this home a peaceful place to be.

Beginner’s guide to cleansing the mind

Light a candle and stare gently, patiently, into the flame. Imagine immersing your whole being in a feeling of gentle loving peacefulness and breath deeply and evenly. Now close your eyes.

Every time your monkey mind begins to chatter, gently open your eyes look back at the flame and let go of that thought. Do your best try to sit in this state for five minutes.

Advanced Practice

Go the extra mile by keeping your home free of psychic ‘dirt’ such as complaining, criticising and shouting. It takes great inner strength to overcome our habit of being negative. Do your best. All efforts made to ‘clean up’ your life and be more loving will be rewarded.


March-14-coverThis article by Mahabha was first published in the UK magazine ‘Natural Health’

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