Osho Meditation Festival in Colombia


Dhyana invites all to come visit Colombia, 9-13 September 2015

This year Osho is reaching the Colombian Caribbean coast! A powerful combination between ancient indigenous history, virgin forest and Osho’s legacy.

After I had finished my teacher training as a facilitator for Osho Active Meditations at the Osho Studio in Berlin, I shared my experience with my friends in Colombia. They were all blown away and also wanted to try out Osho’s techniques. Then I realised that it was not easy for them to find a place to practice them. And then it hit me… It was up to me to create a space for them! I had to go back to my home country!

Colombo Osho Festival 2015
Colombo Osho Festival 2015 2
Colombo Osho Festival 2015 3


I then remembered my encounter in Pune with a Colombian woman: Azucena Samudio owns a spectacular eco-hotel on the Caribbean coast, a place I had been to before and its beauty and incredible vibrations still remains in my memory. I told her about my idea and she found it very exciting. Suddenly, as fast as we blinked, the first Osho Meditation Festival in Colombia was born!

During this 5-day festival we will be practicing together as many Osho Meditation techniques as possible. The programme is designed so that the participants get acquainted with different active as well passive techniques and learn to bring awareness into their lives in a non-serious and playful way.

The location of the festival is at the sea front on one of the most beautiful Colombian beaches. This heavenly place of silence and connection synchronises with the forces of the Guachaca River, the Caribbean Sea and the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada. It is a magical place where nature’s wisdom and that of the indigenous people come together, a wonderful and powerful place sheltering one of the most diverse ecosystems of the world and, thanks to its long indigenous tradition, reverberates with aliveness and ancient history. No wonder that indigenous people call the Sierra Nevada ’the heart of the world’.

The festival is open to anyone who wants to join us on this unique journey. It’s a perfect way to discover the beauty of Colombia and connect with nature and silence.

More about the festival – www.osho-meditation-festival.com

Text by Dhyana

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