…left her body on 11th of April 2015

Bhavato (aka Jennifer Ferguson) might be remembered by sannyasins as being part of Dhiraj’s Tibetan House in Pune 2.

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Via Mega we hear from her daughter Michelle that only three weeks ago they were given the devastating news that their “amazing, inspirational, unstoppable Mum had cancer.” It was later confirmed that it was terminal and that she may only have a matter of weeks left. She faced this devastating news with what they can only describe as awe-inspiring bravery and graceful acceptance.

Bhavato declined chemotherapy (this will not be a surprise to anyone that knows her!) as she did not want to waste her remaining time being sick from it. Docs said it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference due to the advanced stage of the cancer.

Michelle and brother Keef took care of her at home, with help from the rest of the family.

Bhavato’s “End of life celebration” (Funeral) will be held Thursday 23rd April, 12.45pm at Bretby Crematorium, DE15 0QE. All who loved and cared for her are welcome. She asked for donations in lieu of flowers. She specifically requested that no one wears black, and asked for people to come as they are comfortable and as brightly dressed as possible. The ‘After Party’, as she called it, will be at Measham Leisure Centre, DE12 7HR, 2pm-5pm.


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I will not forget your beautifull laughter. Fly high, dear Bhavato. Love,

Beloved Bhavato has left her body. This is a big one for me because she left so suddenly and had so much life in her until this time. My memories of Bhavato are mostly centered around Pune 2 and the Tibetan Pulsing Intensive with Dheeraj. It was Bhavato who encouraged me to do that training and I totally trusted her judgement. I remember going to the place where she was living in Pune and seeing her kids, who were sick at the time, but Bhavato was very positive about their recovery. Bhavato was always positive, full of energy, very caring and outgoing. She always had time for people and a big heart full of love to share with whoever needed it. Two years ago when I was having a difficult time Bhavato was there for me, showering me with her love and said to me, “This too would pass.” She was at the Osho Mevlana Centre in Amsterdam then – and loving it – especially the Osho evening meetings. I have had so much fun communicating with Bhavato on Facebook. She is funny, sexy, witchy, caring, passionate, loving, vibrant – in short, one hell of an Amazing Woman. I will miss her a lot. There is and ther was no body like Bhavato. A Total Woman of Osho. So Much Love….

Bhavato was a wild mystic. I was blessed by knowing her. She was full of love and magic. Her wisdom and love will be missed.

Spent a lot of time around this beautiful soul many moons ago as a youngster. Always kind, funny, wise and full of laughter. May have once banned me from Multiversity for being a rebel, but it takes one to know one…. So sad to hear this news. Her wonderful kids are doing her proud. One Love,

What an amazing being of love, light and humour you are, Bhavato, so authentic wise and courageous. I feel blessed to have known you. Thank you for touching my heart over and over again. The higher dimensions are lucky to have you there, Beloved.
Prem Shikha

Beloved Bhavato, thanks for our days in London, Devon and Pune in the ’80s. You and your children were a blessing to me and many! Fly high, darling.

Beloved Bhavato, so alive, so vibrant so good-hearted. A celebration by herself!

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