Another Kind of Wake-up Call

From the Web: Global Awareness

Until very recently, mankind was able to live without the aid of a mobile phone glued into their hands.

Although the distraction by talking or texting with a mobile is obvious, many don’t hesitate doing so even while driving. Every day I see people’s distracted driving while they handle their phones, in particular even people on motorbikes. Some wedge the mobile between their helmet and ear – those are the more sophisticated ones. Others have their mobile in one of their palms while holding on to one handlebar. And those who are oblivious to danger, will even text in the same position.

I cannot but wonder what is so urgent to know or to say while driving, that people put their lives and the lives of other people on the road in such danger. This short and clever ad by Volkswagen managed to shock people. May this memory continue as an aftershock every time you are tempted to make “just a short phone call or even send a brief text message” while driving.

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