The Inner Harmony Has Been Disrupted


Maybe not today but some time in the future, when man will be able to understand, he will come to know this truth.

Osho 60s 25

If it is not raining anymore, if there are food shortages, if everything in the world seems to be going the wrong way, if man’s life has become so miserable – it is not only because the population has increased, it is not only because the land has become less fertile and scientists don’t know how to make it fertile again. No, there is a much deeper reason: the vibrations of human beings and the vibrations of nature are not in harmony anymore. The inner harmony has been disrupted – and man is responsible for this disruption. Man stands alone in front of nature and is inimical towards nature: he is no longer a friend of the clouds, he is not in love with the rivers.

In the past, people used to bow down respectfully to the rivers, but in our age we would think that they are mad, just crazy – bowing down to a river? They seem to be mad, but do you know how they felt when they bowed down to a river? Do you know what they were feeling when their head touched the river bank for the first time? For sure they must have felt friendly towards the river, in harmony with the river. Do you know what they were feeling when they climbed mountains and bowed down in respect to the high peaks?

In our world, human beings don’t have feelings anymore. What people call ‘feelings’ are not real feelings. People don’t realize the value of real feelings – they are not aware. Our feelings are nothing but an expression of our ignorance – the ultimate manifestation of our ignorance.

Osho, Gita Darshan Vol. 2, Ch 3, Sutra 14 (excerpt translated from Hindi)

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