…left his body on 30th May 2015.

His sister, Antar Rishu, writes:

Swami Anand Prabhakar died after a heart attack at his home near Prescott, Arizona. He was a master falconer, a martial arts expert who studied under Grand Master Dan Inosanto. He was a registered nurse and had studied acupuncture among other healing modalities. He was an accomplished nurseryman and spent most of his spare time in his beautiful gardens where he created a true oasis in a high desert. He lived a wonderful life with his beloved wife Di and their two English setters, Annietoo and Delilliah, his falcon Raskle, as well as scores of pigeons and pheasants. Prabhakar lost his wife just last year, on 20th July 2014, and has longed for her since with a broken heart.

The very best stories of his life were those spent in the presence of our beloved master Osho. (Our mother was also a sannyasin and some may remember her from Rajneeshpuram, the Big Muddy. Her name was Prem Shakura. She died in 2006.)

Prabhakar was blessed to be exactly who he was, a lover of life and of the balance of a life well lived.

Prabhakar with falcon
Prabhakar with his mom, Prem Shakura

The final email he sent me shortly before he left his body had the subject: “All Of A Sudden.” This hit me like a shockwave. In it I found a weather link showing how the weather went from winter to summer in that one day. And later when I walked into his home I saw that from the Tarot deck that day he has drawn the card “The Ultimate Accident”. Again I felt that same shockwave.

Fly high, sweet brother, you have been the blessing of my life, and I will miss you until we are together again in the eternal forever…


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My heart is so full with having been blessed to be loved by you. You are the greatest friend I have ever known and I will think of you each day. Meditation is your message of love…

Beloved Prabhakar, Shocked that you moved on! Tantra teacher who shared and opened my heart to love’s mysteries in Seattle after the Ranch. The dance goes on and on and on… With love,

Extreme regret at the passing of our Brother; but he is in a good place and looking for his family. In Love & Light,

Rishu, This touches me so deeply. I am stirred with fond remembrances of you, your mother and your brother. I remember him well. Dwarka and I visited you in Sedona, and we swam naked in the wonderful Red Rock waters of Oak Creek together. And shared in a beautiful spirit of love. If you look back through the ‘Voyages’ you will see that Dwarka left us last September…. Ahhhh life, and the eternal challenge of filling the voids that our dear precious loved ones leave behind.
With love,

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