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Review of Pyari’s book by Irene Siegl, published in the German magazine ‘Connection’.

Sex Tantra and Transcendence by PyariThe Divine Wild Cat

Ma Deva Pyari (‘beloved of free love’) from Brazil has been a sannyasin for thirty years, a disciple of Tantra Master Osho (Bhagwan), who died in 1990. She therefore had met him while he was still alive.

In this book she chronicles her relationships with tantric lovers and life in Brazil, USA, and Germany. She also describes her experiences with nudity in a very sensitive way; her two children were allowed to grow up freely and be nude as much as possible when they were small. Very inspiring for the interested reader are the descriptions of meditations for the body-mind, for the heart, and for the Buddha within.

Reading this book, a picture emerges of Pyari as a real Deva (Sanskrit for ‘divine being’), wrapped in fine, colourful silks and the temperament of a wild cat. Pyari considers herself to be a liberated woman and lives accordingly. Albeit she is not totally free – at least not free from tears, pain and negative emotions. And exactly because of this she continuously searches for the roots of jealousy and egomania, watching thoughts such as: “Who is the most attractive woman who can seduce a man?”

She settles old scores with certain Mas (plural of ‘Ma’, Sanskrit for ‘mother’ – how female disciples were called during Osho’s lifetime) who wanted to harm her, and she criticizes the former Osho Commune Sneha in Bavaria where she lived and where it became clear to her that women are not necessarily fair with each other when it concerns men. The book clearly shows that even in the spiritual communities of Osho there was no escaping from humanity – not much different from what we would find in any other spiritual group or with other masters. While I lived in an Osho commune and confronted by a jealous Italian Ma I managed to keep her away from me without wasting words – just wearing a golden cross as a pendant day and night – and she held me in deep content for it!

After initially doubting whether I could also live like Pyari, I found her open, daring and lively way convincing and likeable. This courageous woman loves gentle men and slow, tantric love rituals. And most of all, she loves Osho. But she is also fair enough to point out not-so-nice incidents, such as power games among the sannyasins in Pune (then and now) and on the Ranch in Oregon, places she has lived herself. And she does it openly, with honesty and criticism.

I also find it remarkable that she has been eating macrobiotically for years and sometimes eats only brown rice for an entire week! She reveals that one of her friends who had cancer was helped in the healing process thanks to a brown rice diet. And when I look at her photo I have to admit that not only her uninhibited emotional expressions but also a healthy diet have served her well.

Review by Irene Siegl
Previously published by the German magazine Connection, in 2014 – download PDF – translation by Osho News

English translation as ebook: Ma Deva Pyari: Sex, Tantra and Transcendence, 648 pages, 150 photos and 4 films, available through and her website or madevapyari (at)

German original: Ma Deva Pyari: Sex, Ekstase und Transzendenz, published as paperbook and by Ullstein/Allegria Verlag, 2012 – 476 pages,

PyariPyari was born in Brazil, studied Pedagogy and English, and is a bachelor in Communication Sciences. She has worked as a teacher, journalist, stewardess and published several books on astrology; also, she composes music and plays guitar. She has been teaching Tantra since 1971. After taking sannyas in 1980 she opened the first Osho Meditation Centre in Rio. In 1982 she moved to Rajneeshpuram and later Germany. In 1986 she received from Osho the centre name: Osho Mani Art and Meditation Centre. To this day it offers a variety of events, from meditations and workshops to theatre, dance and music shows.

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