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Katsue Ishida aka Ma Gyan Sharno (194? – 2.4.2015) was a Japanese mystic and seeress.

She was in charge of the Yamato-hime chapel at the Grand Shrine in Ise, a coastal city 75 miles southeast of Osaka. Her abilities as a channeller were widely recognised throughout Japan.

She became Osho’s disciple in 1989 when she visited the ashram having been invited by Osho’s secretary. This was during the time when Osho was in the process of changing his name. Osho declared her his Ambassador to Japan.




I will tell you about the Japanese Buddhist seeress – she has sent her picture:

“Katsue Ishida, mystic of one of the biggest and most famous Shinto shrines in Japan, stated recently after seeing Osho’s picture, that: This is the person that Maitreya the Buddha has entered. He is trying to create a utopia in the twenty-first century. Lots of destructive power is against him, and some people call him Satan. But I have never known Satan to be poisoned. He is usually the poisoner, not the poisoned. We must protect this man, Osho. Buddha has entered him.”

With great love and respect I accept Ishida’s prophecy. She will be welcome here as one of my people, most loved. And by accepting Gautam the Buddha as my very soul, I go out of the Hindu fold completely; I go against the Jaina fold completely. […]

Maneesha’s sutra:

Beloved Bhagwan…

You will have to learn, Maneesha, not to call me by that ugly name again. I am just your friend. That’s what Gautam Buddha’s prophecy was: “My name after twenty-five centuries, if I can find a vehicle, will be Maitreya Gautam Buddha.” Maitreya means the friend. From now onwards you will have to change your old habit.

I am your Beloved Friend. You can call me “Beloved Buddha,” which simply means the awakened one. But we have to spread around the earth that I have denounced “Bhagwan.” I have in fact, just one day, taken it on myself to denounce it. I don’t have any rights on it, but I have every right not to call myself Bhagwan.”

Osho, No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity, Ch 1, 26th Dec 1988


I have to offer an apology to Katsue Ishida, the seeress in an ancient Shinto shrine in Japan. I tried my hardest to accommodate a twenty-five centuries old, out-of-date individuality, but I am not ready to be in a self torture.

And Anando has to see me afterwards, to release the second story… because that makes me absolutely free from any kind of tradition. I used to think that Gautam Buddha is an individual – and that is true, he is. But even against his desire a tradition has arisen in Tibet, in China, in Japan, in Sri Lanka, and I don’t want to struggle with these idiots. I want to work with my own people on my own authority.

Osho, No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity, Ch 5, 30th Dec 1988


I would have never told you, but due to Katsue Ishida… a woman who has not known me, has just seen my picture and my eyes, and a woman who is a well-known seer and prophetess but rarely speaks. Very rarely people come to her ancient Shinto temple in the forest to ask questions, about their destinies, their future. And most of the time she remains silent; she speaks only when she feels, “Now existence is taking possession of me. I am not speaking, I am only allowing the existence to speak through me.”

My Japanese translator, Geeta, has been informing her of everything that has happened in these five tremendously meaningful days. Because of her prophecy that Gautam Buddha has taken possession of my body as a vehicle, I had to admit the truth. But I had also expressed to her that my individuality and Gautam Buddha’s individuality are twenty-five centuries apart. He was an individualist – I am a greater individualist. I can be the host, but the guest has to remember that he is not my master.

I have never accepted anybody as my master. It has taken me very long to find out myself, but I am immensely happy that I don’t have even to say a `thank you’ to anyone. The search has been absolutely alone, tremendously dangerous.

And there are opinions in which I am bound to differ from Gautam Buddha. Four days he stayed with me, and saw clearly that there is no possibility of any compromise.

Compromise always leads you away from the truth. Truth cannot be a compromise – either you know it or you don’t.

Geeta informed Ishida, and she was very much afraid: how will the woman feel? But the woman proved to be of tremendous power. She said, “It does not matter. I love your master and I absolutely agree to whatsoever has happened.” And then she suddenly started crying.

Geeta asked her, “Why are you crying?”

She said, “There are no words. For the first time… continuously, for five days, I have been speaking about your master, and I know nothing of him. I have not read his books, I have just seen his eyes, and a door within me has opened and almost like a flood I have been speaking. This is for the first time in my whole life…” She is in a hurry to come.

But the seven weeks’ fire, the long night of the soul proved to be a blessing in disguise. It has purified me completely. And these five days of Gautam Buddha as Maitreya Buddha – that was his prophecy, that “My name after twenty-five centuries when I come back again, will be Maitreya the Buddha.”

Osho, No Mind: The Flowers of Eternity, Ch 7, 1st Jan 1989
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Ishida is here, sitting. She has come from Japan, from a Shinto temple. I will make her my ambassador in Japan – I have my ambassadors all over the world.

Osho, Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind, Ch 1, 30th Jan 1989


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