Full independence with total dependence


Kul Bhushan explains the ‘Mad Game’ of total surrender.

Osho Meditation (2)

The Full Moon of the Master – or Guru Purnima – comes on the night when all disciples go to their spiritual masters for blessings. If this not possible in real time, they sit in devotion and meditation to be one with their masters in complete surrender. Does it mean that they have totally lost their independence?

The word ‘independence’ contains the word ‘dependence’. This is what Osho said to a seeker who wanted to become his disciple but did not want to surrender to him by wearing Osho’s mala or a string of prayer beads with a locket of his photo. By becoming totally dependent on the guru, you will become fully independent, said Osho during a darshan one-to-one meeting in Pune.

The guru does not teach you, but he transforms you. You do not choose him; he chooses you. You are unaware in your sleep, cozy and comfortable, dreaming of beautiful peoples and places. The guru is awakened and he knows, like your parents, that you need to wake up to get on with your ultimate aim in life: to find out ‘Who am I?’ So while asleep, you protest at being shaken up to wake up. After coming in the guru’s magnetic field, you realise that you are asleep and want to wake up. Then you have to surrender to him to take over and transform you. On surrendering, you are re-born.

This surrender is out of love, gratitude and devotion. It says, “I do not know the long and rough path ahead, please take over and guide me.” Just like we consult a professional doctor, architect, lawyer or an engineer for our problems and follow their advice, we give in to the guru to chaperon us in the dark, unknown and overwhelming space we face when we first go inside ourselves. When we do it by ourselves, we mostly get scared and rush away and opt out to go back to our sleep. If we have surrendered to the master, he shows us the techniques, guides us and encourages us to carry on. He also pulls up when we do not measure up. Some can’t take this beating with the so-called Zen stick and run away. But if you come to know that this is a blessing from the master for your own progress, you stay on.

No wonder it is called the MAD Game. ‘M’ for Master, ‘A’ for And, and ‘D’ for Disciple. Once you start playing this Mad Game, it gets tougher all the time as it has no rules! It only ends when the disciple has vaporized and the master has set him free as if the disciple passed through the gate called guru.

Osho says in The Great Challenge, Ch 7, Q 1, “No surrender can be conditional; there can be no condition with the guru. You cannot say, ‘If you do this then I will surrender.’ Then it will not be surrender. There is no ‘if’ – you surrender totally. You say, ‘Do whatsoever you like. I am in your hands. Ask me to jump into a well, and I will jump!’ This very decision to surrender totally is transforming and crystallizing. The attitude of the disciple is always one of total surrender.”

That’s how by totally depending on the guru, you become totally independent.

Kul Bhushan

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