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Sampatti talks to Punya about the inspiration and her ability to create energised crystals.

How did you start working with crystals?

After Osho left his body I missed him. “Where, how can you just disappear?” I was crying. I missed his presence and the amazingly nourishing energy which emanated from his body. I felt I could not live without that. What touched me the most when being with Osho was the vibration of his energy; less his words, voice, gestures, or his sangha as it does for others. My quest was to find this energy again, the vibration of awakening.

I don’t know from where I then got the idea that this energy could be put into crystals, because I have never been an esoteric person. I am a scientist’s daughter and didn’t believe in such things. My father is a well-known, world-famous scientist in his field. He invented materials airplanes are made of. He discovered these kind of things. He wins competitions against NASA. So I was brought up in this environment…

Yes, it looks like I am balancing the family! My father said to me when I last met him, “What did I do to you that you ended up like this?”

Sampatti and the Field of Awakening crystal circle
Sampatti and the Field of Awakening crystal circle

So you came up with the idea of putting the energy you had felt into crystals?

Yes, suddenly this thought came, “I wonder if it could be put into crystals,” – that I could capture some of Osho’s energy and put it into a form. All of a sudden I was drawn to crystal shops. I started walking around and taking crystals in my hand and found it was the spheres that attracted me the most. (I was scared at that time of those pointy ones which could be aimed at people.) The spheres keep energies so beautifully. And if you want to receive the energy from the spheres you have to invite them to release their energy.

The whole thing happened because of my own needs. I experienced a psychic attack that urged me to ask how I could protect myself. In fact, the first energy which came to me was for the ‘highest protection’. And that’s when I started asking Osho what to do. “Is it true? Is it not true? Was I seeing things? And Why?” And as an answer I received this energy.

I went into a retreat because I wanted to find the answer. I would have breakfast at the ashram, then back home I meditated, did my own structure of four or five meditations a day, but always with the question, “What to do? What to do?” I asked Osho to please use me: “If in any way you can use me then please do it. I have nothing else to do in this world.”

And then I started feeling the energy; I cannot explain it – I still don’t know how it happens – but the energy somehow formed around me and went through my body. It used my body, first my channel (the umbilical cord from the centre of my head to the centre of universal intelligence through which I receive information in form of frequency) and then my physical structure and from there it entered the crystal. So it became a ‘crystal of light’.

The first time I energised a crystal I had to sleep for the rest for the week, so much energy passed through that it exhausted me. Now that I am used to it, it is easy.

Do you programme the crystal?

No, I am not suggesting the intention. I am asking for it. I say, “Please use me to…” With the energy also the message for what this particular crystal is good for comes. It says, “This stone will be good for this and this…” Some are helping in meditation, some are good for healing. Every single stone has a totally different energy.

When did you start giving sessions?

For the first five or six years I experimented only on myself. I wanted to know if there was any truth in what was happening or if I had lost my mind…. All these crystals of light were only meant for my own benefit at first; it was, and still is, a life-changing experience.

I never thought that my work with the crystals would be anything else than for my own transformation. However, when I saw that some friends became attracted to the crystals and the same transformation began to happen to them, I undertood that the transmission through the crystals of light was not a personal one. I saw that ‘my’ crystals could be beneficial to others. I became confident that I could share them.

All this still blows my mind. It stretches all my limitations; I had to throw overboard all my beliefs because it’s so much vaster than what my mind can grasp. I could never have made it up! For over 20 years I have been in this discovery process and feel that I am just beginning to learn. I constantly find new things. I am so very glad about that!

The other day we worked with a set-up of crystals in your home. Can you talk about these crystal collections?

Over the years three different fields of energy have manifested themselves; the first one is the Field of Awakening, the second one is the Healing Circle, and the third is the Earth Guardian Circle.

Field of Awakening
Field of Awakening

These energy fields consist of individual crystals of light with energy frequencies that together make one radiating energy field. For instance in the Field of Awakening we have 44 energised crystals, each one of them carries one aspect of spiritual growth (e.g. love, grace, peace, meditation, etc.). You can absorb the energy of the whole field or you can meditate with individual crystals. At any rate, the crystals always point to our inner source.

Sitting in the Field of Awakening acts in a similar way as sitting with Osho. It radiates energy and those of us who have been sitting with Osho’s physical body will remember that just sitting in his presence changed our own system. It awakes something in us and the crystal field does the same but on a lesser level.

Healing Circle
Healing Circle

When my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, I started asking, “What can I do for her? How can I help her?” The answer I received was an energy field which reconnects us with our inherent healing powers from within. This was the start of the Healing Circle. It has 14 clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz crystals, each one carrying one aspect of health. The Healing Circle guides us through three steps to a healthy body:

  1. First step: preparation for healing (creating trust, diagnosis and creating a blueprint for a healthy body);
  2. Second step: actual healing process (leaving the disease behind and entering a healthy state);
  3. Third step: recovery (gaining strength, finding a new meaning and joy for our new and healthy life).
Earth Guardian Circle
Earth Guardian Circle

The Earth Guardian Circle came into being because I felt responsible for the way we are mistreating our beautiful planet. I felt a lot of pain and wanted to constribute something which could ‘save the planet’. I saw how vulnerable our planet is, a living being, and how we are destroying it if we do not wake up soon.

The energy field of the Earth Guardian Circle has a sphere in the middle which represents the earth and 13 standing selenite crystals, each one a guardian for a particular life form (e.g. guardian of the oceans, forests, animals, birds, tiny creatures, the human species). If you want to solve a problem affecting one area you can meditate with the corresponding selenite and then download an intelligent solution.

ARTS crystal
ARTS crystal

After the Fukushima catastrophe I received the frequency called ARTS (atomic radiation transmutation shield). This taught me to see that we do not have the power to destroy the earth because nature is much more intelligent. I was, and still am, concerned about plastic but had a big laugh when I read about the discovery of a new fungus that thrives on plastic….

I see you are wearing a beautiful pendant. What is it good for?

It is the highest protection pendant. It creates an atmosphere in and around us that makes it very easy to remove anything which is not needed for our wellbeing and growth (outdated beliefs, stored pains, negative vibrations, even wifi). It is a protection from ourselves and at the same time it influences the way the world around us responds.

Highest Protection pendants
Highest Protection pendants

The Highest Protection Crystal protects us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and acts as a cleanser. It creates a shield of light around us which invites helpful influences and rejects harmful ones. The crystal gives an extra boost to our inner light and protects us through increased awareness.

Although I have energised the crystal to give protection, I want people to use it consciously; not just wear it and think it will do miracles for them. Only if certain locks are opened, will the crystal start giving off its full energy. It is a magical tool but a magical tool to be used with consciousness.

Do we need protection? What do we need protection for?

There are many different ways to protect ourselves. For me personally it is very important to feel that my spiritual path is protected and that I do not get lost in the mirages of my own mind. I use the crystal like that very often. Then there are moments when I actually feel that I am in danger, also physically, and I am very grateful for this light protection. Not everybody feels the need for protection, but for those who do, this might be a beautiful and powerful tool.

Do you also design and make the jewellery?

The jewellery is made by my friend Sadhana and I do the energising. All crystals are also available in the form of jewellery. I also designed cards which correspond to the crystals of light in the Field of Awakening.

Earth's Mysteries Presence
Earth’s Mysteries (pendants), Presence (crystal spheres)
Amethyst (completion), citrine (be a light unto yourself), rose quartz (miracle of love)

How do you make the crystals available for people to purchase?

Usually if somebody starts up a business they begin with advertising and putting themselves forward. For me it happened the other way around. Since I know myself I have always been extremely shy; I don’t want to meet too many people at once and almost everything social is too much for me. Despite all this I suddenly started being invited here and there. It was never my idea. But I enjoy it tremendously now.

The beauty about these crystals is that they talk for themselves. I do not need advertising. When I show someone a light crystal they are often reminded of something very deep inside themselves and then they ask, “What is that?” Then they want to know more.

Interview by Punya

Antar Sampatti grew up mainly in Switzerland and took sannyas in 1982. She came to Pune in 1987 and worked in the Mystery School. In 1994 she started working with crystals and began giving workshops in 1998. She now lives in Germany, India and Greece.

Sampatti will be giving a Healing Circle Training, 12-18 October 2015, in Corfu, Greece.

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