Russian Osho Festival on the Azov Sea


Subhuti writes from a successful meditation festival near Krasnodar, Southern Russia (3-11 September 2015).

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The hall looks enormous, almost the size of a football field, but it fills quickly with sannyasins and other visitors who are gathering here at 9:30 pm for the Aum Meditation. Soon there are 95 of us, filling the whole space. The same number did Dynamic Meditation here this morning.

Russian meditators seem to like intensity and they certainly enjoy this summer festival, organized every year by Swami Darpan, who is a regular visitor to Pune, a master of Sufi Whirling, and who has been a sannyasin for over 20 years.

This annual event is known as the Osho Festival in Krasnodar, but in fact the big city in Southern Russia is a few hours drive away. We are on the beach, near a small village called Kuchuguri, in a spa-resort that seems to have no problems with loud techno music from Trance Dance Meditation, nor from the screaming stage of Dynamic, which erupts every morning at sunrise.

The festival lasts eight full days and is packed with meditations, workshops and sessions. But the warm temperature, sunny days and proximity to the beach also means there needs to be time for swimming and sunbathing.

Total number of participants is 175!

Text by Subhuti

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