Manisha from Belgium


…left her body on 24th September 2015.

Manisha was born in Belgium and took sannyas in Pune 1. Friends remember working with her in the kitchen. After Osho left his body she spent many years in Lucknow with Papaji. He knew her love for animals and often talked to her. She was often seen taking care and feeding animals: cows, cats and dogs. Wherever she went all kinds of animals would walk up to her and surround her. In later years she lived in Tiruvannamalai at the foot of Arunachala, within a community of friends. This is where she died at age 84.

The cremation was held yesterday 25th September 2015.

Manisha with scarf
Manisha from Belgium
Manisha with Mahadevi

Text and photos thanks to Ram Charan, Gerd, Mahadevi, Bhakti and Nirvana.


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Beloved Manisha, we knew each other well in Pune 1 where your sannyas name was Chintana I remember. So: Hello Chintana. I loved meeting you in the ashram while coming from somewhere and going somewhere like to a group, work or meditation. I was always delighted to see you and we always had a beautiful little chat that I enjoyed. Remember? Have a good journey. Lots of love to you. A loving hug from

Manisha, we lived together in the bungalow in Popular Heights for a few seasons. I remember your sense of humor, laughter and passionate care for the two dogs: Buddha and his friend. I took over the job when you went for the funeral of your mother: interesting experience for me. Good to hear that you could stay so many more years in India; you loved to be there. Bon Voyage…. Big hug from

Beloved Manisha, as a fellow Belgian sannyasin, we met occasionally in Poona 1. Our conversations were always very heartwarming and supportive for me. Although you were from the French speaking part of Belgium, you did your very best to talk to me in your broken and lovely Flamish. You were like a mother to me. You always called me “Lieveke” which is Flamish for “my beloved”. Then we met again in Lucknow, when I visited Papaji. You had become so much more silent and meditative, but still called me “Lieveke.” The last time we met, about 3 years ago, it was in Ramana’s ashram in Tiruvannamalai. Someone called me from behind “Lieveke” and, yes, it was you! I asked you what your insights were after all these years with Osho and with Papaji. You shared them lovingly with me, also mentioning you had had a heart attack.
Thank you soo much for your love. Farewell, my “Lieveke.”
Sw Nityam , bio-dynamic/organic market farmer and homesteader in Hakodate, Japan

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