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Saturday 24th October, from 6.30 to 11pm (GMT): free international streaming event as fundraiser for Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home.

rsz_id-10040412Needing a reason or excuse to get your friends together and have a gathering or party? Well look no further- we have the perfect opportunity for you!

On Saturday 24th October, from 6.30 to 11pm, you will be able to join us live free via the Internet for an amazing evening called One Night in India – Give Kids a Chance. We are livestreaming a benefit concert and event for Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home in Rishikesh, India which we are putting on in Bristol, UK.

It’s absolutely free to watch, and the line-up is just fantastic!

Links is:

Here’s the menu (Indian of course) for the evening (or morning, afternoon, wee small hours:

  • Delicious Indian food & snacks – sorry you’ll need to do this bit yourselves!
  • Bustling Indian market – we can provide the sound track – you can provide the goods (and smells?)
  • Fabulous Music – leave that to us (see below)!
  • Tales of going East (from Hollywood-hopeful, to cave-dweller, to mother to 69 children – luckily they do their own washing – in the Ganges!) – step up the redoubtable Dwabha (founder of Ramana’s Garden) – an inspiring speaker and storyteller!
  • Video message from the wonderful Deva Premal & Miten and Manose who are avid supporters of Ramana’s Garden
  • Some video clips of Ramana’s Garden and the kids
  • Skype hellos from a few of you – technology allowing!
  • A raffle – we’re having one – you could have one too!
  • Plenty of opportunities to donate!
  • And finally:
    Keeping the show on the road – Niraj (much loved by fans of Osho Leela and Biodanza) charming, witty and sometimes just a bit, er, caustic – our host for the evening.

…Of course you’ll be host or hostess with the mostest for your own party – post a photo on the Facebook event page of what you’re going to wear, the dish you’ll be making, the raffle prize you’re bringing or whatever else you feel!

A bit about the fabulous music you’ll be listening to…


We have the amazingly talented Praful (master sax and flute player, and music producer) flying over from Germany to be with us. He will be joined by Sika, guru of the didjeridu. Together they will take us on a musical journey into the wondrous and unknown. Gorgeous goddesses Sudha (vocals) and Tarisha (keyboard and vocals) will be enchanting us with sacred mantras and rhythms, diving deep into our souls and opening our hearts and minds to the ancient sounds of the past that are rooted in the Indian heritage.

Check out if you can run your computer sound through your music system or perhaps your TV (easy if your TV already shows YouTube).
So now you have the Menu, here’s the recipe:

Recipe for a Great Evening!

Here’s some ideas from us:



* 1 internet connection and a computer/laptop or other device
* The link…….to connect you to the event – sign up here to ensure you get that and a reminder when your party starts (you wouldn’t want to be in your pijamas when your friends arrive!)
* Some Indian Snacks, Food and Drinks – or how about an Indian takeaway!?
* A handful of friends – remember to send them some invitations!
* An open heart and a sprinkling of love
* Ideally another laptop with the page open at ‘Donate here’


* Send out your invitations and remind people the day before
* Open your front door and let your friends in
* Get yourself a plate of yummy food, a nice drink of chai, beer or lassi
* Find a comfy place to sit
* Click on the link
* Sit back and enjoy the show!
* Show your love at US Donations or UK Donations
For donations from other countries you can choose the US or UK page. Remember to add GiftAid (UK) or 5013 rebate (US) to increase the value of your gift at no cost to you.

See you there!

Alternative method

Hire a venue – preferably with a big screen – and have an even bigger party. Then you can invite friends of friends too!

This is what our friend Sara Bhavani has done in Malvern in the UK – see her event here and let us know about yours!

Beam in to us in Bristol!

For two or three parties, we’re inviting you to say Hello to us in Bristol and be on the Livestream. You’d do this via Skype. If you have a good internet connection use Skype; and if you would like to be beamed around the world on the Livestream, get in touch with Mala (planetclare (at) – quickly! No 100% guarantee this will work, but our Livestream tech team says it should be OK.

What it’s all about!


You don’t need an excuse to throw a lovely party/have a get together with your friends… but we’ve given you a great one! All the money raised from this benefit concert will go towards buying the lease of the organic farm currently leased by Ramana’s Garden but which is now under threat of not being renewed.

Dwabha writes:

rsz_iphone-053“We have been leasing the land for our Ambiya Paradise organic farm and the kids’ summer haven from the heat for the past 11 year on a renewable lease with the option to purchase. We just never had the extra $30,000 needed. We are desperately trying to raise the funds to purchase the organic farm retreat center. It is our salvation; it provides 90% of the food we eat as well as what we serve in the Café and, most important, gives the kids and all of us shelter from the unbearable heat, power cuts and acute water shortages that follow every summer in Tapovan, our headquarters in Laxman Jhula. We cannot survive without the mountain center. It also has a pure water spring that has never gone dry and water is becoming a huge shortage here in India.”

Read more about Ambiya Paradise Organic Garden here.

Our target for this benefit concert is $30,000 (approximately £20,000 or Euros 27,000) – your donations large or small are all appreciated. As a viewer at home we would also like to encourage you to donate and have a special Donate now button on the screen so again you will not miss out! We thank you with all our hearts for however you choose to support Ramana’s Garden and for joining us online with your family and friends and hope you have a fun evening!

Remember to get your joining instructions here.

With love
Mala, Kutira and Sidika


P.S. Parties are great, but maybe they’re not your thing, or not practical right now or you just want to snuggle up by yourself or with a friend and watch the livestream… Perfect too – let us know you’re coming.

Food images courtesy of smarnad, tiverylucky and Victor Habbick, Cocktails by photostock at

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