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Puja introduces her latest book for young adults to help them come to terms with sex.

Cooler SexI am experiencing a tremendous sense of relief because finally, this autumn a book for young adults called “Cooler Sex: Das Handbuch für ein richtig gutes Liebesleben” (Cooler Sex – The Handbook for a Really Good Love Life) has been published! The first version is in German (Innenwelt Verlag) with other language versions to follow soon. The young ones have always been my prime interest and concern, even though I have been totally involved in adult sex education for about 25 years now, offering week-long Making Love Retreats for couples. I recall that it was in January of 1999 while in India, that I first sat down and wrote an outline and a few chapters – 17 quick years ago!

To me it simply makes so much sense that people be given an alternative orientation in sex at an early age, otherwise inevitably like adults, they too gradually get imprinted with the habits, tensions, stresses and goals inherent in conventional sex. And later on it is these very patterns, whose roots get increasingly deeper with the passage of time, that then need to be ‘unlearned’ in order to create a shift in experience.

Parents seem to have a similar view too, because so very often, after the Retreats I am asked, “How can we inform our children about a different style of sex? We don’t want them to wait, like we had to, until they are 40 years old to discover it.” They feel a sincere wish to convey to their offspring that there is also a way to have sex that is relaxed, slow, sensitive and easy-going and because they have experienced how it leads to a more satisfying sex life and a more loving relationship.

“Cooler Sex” is in a colorful, easy-to-read, small book format, with many photos and illustrations, intended for an age range from puberty until end twenties. And of course, before or beyond! It is of value too for parents, teachers and educators especially with the deep concern about the impact easy access to pornography via Internet is having on the upcoming generations. Essentially the ‘cool’ approach forms the urgently needed balance to the popular idea that sex needs to be ‘hot’ to be good.

I have previously written six books on the value, and the how, to be ‘cool’ in sex, addressing the theme from several angles. My first book, “The Heart of Tantric Sex” was written for couples in 1996 and published in 1999. Initially I did not have the intention to write a book per se, my interest was to see if it was possible to translate personal inner experiences into the written form and I found that inner feelings flowed into words easily, so I passed the manuscript on to an agent, who passed it on to a publisher, and in due course a book appeared on the shelf.

Then my publisher asked me if I was interested in doing a book for women, which I was, and so I wrote “Tantric Orgasm for Women”, and of course after that a book for men naturally followed called “Tantric Sex for Men”. Along the way I also wrote “Tantric Love: Feelings versus Emotions – Golden Rules to Make Love Easy” as well as a book called “Tantric Love Letters” – a collection of personal communiqués between me and others, with letters from retreat participants as well as from people who have read my books. And once again, at the request of my publisher and their wish to be in keeping with the slow food movement, I wrote a book called “Slow Sex”!

So even while my interest in young people has been uppermost in my mind and heart, quite some writing for adults took place in the interim. In retrospect I see that these previous books have given me the opportunity to establish a foundational ‘body of work’, and so the eventual publication of a young adults book this autumn is perfectly right in its timing, and a case of better late than never!

At present available in German at – other language versions to follow soon

Puja TNSatya Puja (Diana Richardson) was born in Zululand, South Africa, and has a law degree from the University of Natal. A teacher of therapeutic massage since 1978, she became Osho’s disciple a year later in Pune. Her interest in meditation, touch and healing initiated an exploration into Tantra, and she began teaching Tantra to couples in 1993. She wrote so far six books on the subject, two of them with Michael Richardson as co-author.

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