…left her body on 29th December 2015.

Sarjana (aka Sarji or Gissel Continente Bou) died peacefully in Barcelona, Spain, around 13h, surrounded by loving friends.


While living in Ibiza, in 1979, Sarjana got her hands on a book by Osho. She wrote, “I felt a big ‘yes’ in my heart for the truth of his words, his understanding of life as Zorba the Buddha, the union between the duality I was living in, like in a war. His vision now resonates with my way of feeling and living.” Then in 1981 she closed down everything and travelled to India to meet Osho.

She trained in different meditation techniques and therapies: Tantra, Conscious Breathing, Hypnosis Ericksoniana, Reiki, Human Design, Co-dependency, Family Constellations and Massage. For over 20 years she facilitated tantra, meditation and breathing workshops in Spain and India, and gave private sessions for individuals and couples. She was always a welcome presence at the annual Meditation Festival in Mallorca.

Sarjana was considered one of the driving forces for spreading Osho’s vision in Spain, and a lot of fun to be around.

Her funeral took place on 31st December 2015.

Credit for some photos to Matthew Clark via Facebook

Bio in Spanish on her website:


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Beloved Sarjana, we shared so many beautiful moments and we all learned so much from you, especially during the last month while you were in hospital, coming and going various times, yet always present and loving. So many friends who we were with you every day, especially your son Pratha and Astiko. So much love shared through the WhatsApp group as well, where we were following the evolution of this damn cancer. So many people who love you — sure you did something right in life! You were present, strong, loving, vulnerable, without fear, accepting death yet wanting to live. It all went so fast…. The death ceremony yesterday was beautiful and you looked amazing, as if you were going to open your eyes and start to smile and dance any minute. I love you and feel you in my heart. Fly high, dear Sarji. <3 Chetana Annette Adelskamp

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