Become drunk


From Swami Yoga Chinmaya: I love the way you walk. Why do you walk how you walk?

Osho discourse leaving

Thank you!

I am a drunkard, and I cannot do better. There is no art to it; it is just my drunkenness.

And if you also want to walk like that, you will have to become like me. Don’t try to imitate it; because you can imitate a drunkard, but by that you will not become drunk. You can imitate a drunkard perfectly – even better than the drunkard himself – but you will not become drunk. Become drunk.

I am drunk with the divine. It is a miracle how I am here. When I stand on my feet, I say, “So, old boy, you are doing it again?” It is a miracle how I stand. It has become very, very difficult for me to be here on the earth. The wings have grown and the sky is waiting and my boat has arrived long ago.

I should have left this shore, but I am in deep love with you mad people, so I go on lingering a little more.

I say, “A little more.”

I go on postponing.

I go on persuading the powers that would like me to leave now. I say, “Wait a little more. I can drive a few more people crazy.”

Osho, Ecstasy: The Forgotten Language, Ch 8, Q 3

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