Time Capsule Opened in Year 2215


Spirit fiction envisioned by Prem Geet: Dancing People on a Mad Planet.

Galactic spaceship

Cruising at warp-speed across the Milky Way Galaxy, out past Nibiru, a 4th dimensional Dark Star, our team of universal historians opened a Time Capsule to research the demise of one tender Planet Earth, now a spinning orb of black ash. The captain reminded us not to despair because Nibiru, once a lifeless form like Earth, had mysteriously come back to life and resurrected itself as a member of the thriving Star Nation, now 300,000 strong. “Planets can bounce back,” she smiled, before beaming up to her cabin.

Feeling excited about the research ahead, we dug through the Galactic Federation’s archive and discovered a mysterious 200-year-old digital recording showing ecstatically dancing people.


We marveled at how these dancing people could thrive on the now extinct planet whose reputation featured primarily religious real estate wars. Further research showed how Planet Earth was signaling the end with the crucifixion of the first techno-martyr Edward Snowden and a super-irrational nuclear arms deal, followed by a government-controlled Internet shutdown.

It is amazing to starship historians that only 200 years ago these maroon-robed people, as they were known, persisted in conscious celebration during one of the most violent years on Planet Earth. Why were they dancing? Was it reasonable in a mad world? Was it relaxation or rebellion? Were other small bands such as this one dancing to save the planet? Drinking our Orange Tang, we wondered aloud why dance was considered so dangerous on this unique planet, for it seemed the maroon people had to hide their ecstasy from employers, teachers, librarians, priests, and blood relations. Records also indicate the dancing people were very happy as a practice and for no reason at all, whereas those dressed in black hoods were dance-resistant and did not laugh all that much. It seems they represented two basic tribes, but the majority was not listening to their bearded Osho:

There are two kinds of people: those who want the truth to be always on their side – these are the egoists, arrogant. And there is another type of person who always wants to be on the side of truth, whatever the cost; if he has to lose everything, he is ready, but he cannot stop being on the side of truth. These are the humble ones, these are the true holy people of the earth – and there have been very few.”

The maroon people continue to be of real interest to the Galactic Federation for it seems their charismatic leader, Osho, was not a leader at all but a real explorer like us. He says,

I am not. I am just a friend, a humble beginning, a living reality with every day new excitement, new ecstasies, new spaces; and capable to absorb them all, not afraid of any progress. If anything is wrong, I am always ready to drop it, always to be on the side of truth.”

He spoke in conundrums and contradictions. His religion was not a religion, and the main rule among the dancing community was to have no rules at all. In fact, conformity, a typical bedrock of any cohesive civilization and any well-run star ship, was considered stifling to the individual. As we dug deeper, we found his doctrine was actually no doctrine. We remain intrigued in this movement that flourished for a short time, prior to the absurd global fight over the ownership of space, which resulted, ultimately, in nuclear devastation. Due to the division of the Earth and a full weapon pantry in every country, it was the shortest war on record. Apparently the button-pushing leaders were so short-sighted they did not realize they would also go up in smoke.

As we see it, civilizations are like macro-communes in need of new ways and formless forms such as acceptance:

In a commune you don’t have a duty, you don’t have a responsibility. You don’t have to be somebody else to be worthy, to be respected, to be prestigious. Just as you are, in your utter nudeness, you are accepted, loved. Your very being is enough, nothing more is needed…. The world is richer because more variety is there. Each individual in a commune is unique; in the world he is just a carbon copy. In the commune, everybody is original; in the world, only a true copy.”

With plenty of Eternity on our hands and generous traces of empathy in our mutating DNA, we asked our captain to grant a nostalgic request to circle back around Planet Earth for a final farewell. Much of our ancestral gene pool had come from Earth, so we were curious to have one last look. Our zoom-in monitors showed the Earth’s torched surface and billowing smoke. But we did spy small puddles of blue water here and there. And, much to our amazement, the super-zoom did confirm small green shoots sprouting up from the ashes.


We flew in closer to hover and searched what looked like domed underground dwellings and piles of rubble, and then suddenly, dancers, lots of dancers who seemed to be dancing for no reason at all!

We will explore why these dancers who seem so human and vulnerable were actually the only survivors of World War III. They had no nuclear weapons. Their choice to celebrate, no matter what, now seems both pragmatic and wise. Perhaps they will start a New Humanity. Maybe Earth will bounce back. Life is still alive here. Obviously, these dancers know what it takes to hang in there in terms of planetary staying power, as their elegant Osho says,

A commune is a brotherhood of rebellious souls.

Quotes by Osho from
The Transmission of The Lamp, Ch 23, Q 1
The Great Pilgrimage From Here to Here, Ch 5, Q2

By Prem Geet

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