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Melika reviews Chetan Parkyn’s book.

Human Design by Chetan ParkynHuman Design is a system like astrology, a calculation of the position of the planets at the time of birth. Rather than placing them into signs, the planets are arranged into the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. A separate calculation is done for a point in time approximately three months before the birth to reveal the unconscious and genetic inheritance. Both sets of data then appear in a chart that is in the form of a “life chart.” A reading of this chart can be an uncannily accurate depiction of the Self, both the personality and the soul, or life purpose, and more than that, it offers specific tools for an individual to undo their conditioning so that Self can emerge.

Information about the system has spread largely by way of the Internet, and there is quite a lot of good information available by surfing. Deeper study tends to be costly; there are many books written on the subject, but they can’t be found in bookstores or libraries, are often very specialized, and tend to be expensive. So the entrance of Chetan’s book into the mass market makes publishing history and brings this elegant and powerful system directly to the public.

For all the mystery and complexity of the subject matter, the book is user-friendly. Chetan has managed to write in such an engaging and personable way that large amounts of new information can be absorbed pleasantly. Through a link provided in the book, you can have your chart in hand in minutes, then use the book chapter by chapter to decipher it. The book starts with the meanings of the centers in the chart, and moves to the five Design ‘Types’ and how aligning with the strategy for your type can greatly improve your life experience. Then the book gets more specific, helping you fine-tune this understanding with information on how to locate your “Authority” within the body-graph – which facilitates making correct decisions – and vivid and entertaining descriptions of each channel, gate (hexagram), and ‘Profile’. There are also six sample readings of the charts of well-known personalities.

Looking at one’s own Design chart is like looking in the mirror. Understanding the Self at such a deep level undoes years of striving and misplaced attempts at self-improvement, making way for the experience of just being; natural, true and unique. In Chetan’s hands this profound information comes to life with humor, clarity, and compassion, because it springs from the wisdom gained from reading for hundreds of real people. One can see one’s Self clearly through engaging with this wonderful book. It is an experience of coming home.

Review by Melika (aka Molly Melloan) – (Kindle)

ChetanChetan Parkyn schooled in England as a mechanical engineer. In India, in 1979, his true gifts of reading for people were recognized by two savants, and he was told to prepare for a “new” esoteric system. In 1993, he was shown Human Design and has studied, read and taught it worldwide ever since. Harper Collins UK published his ‘Human Design, Discover the Person You Were Born To Be’ in 2009 which is presently available in 11 languages.

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