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Marc explains the key attitudes about practicing meditation.

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In the Communes of Osho is a positive attitude and atmosphere for nurturing your meditation. The strength of the collective intention helps to practise meditation on a daily basis and shapes the quality of awareness. Key attitudes are:

  • Curiosity – Being curious about your experience. How do you feel emotionally? What kind of thoughts are going through your head? What does your body feel like at the moment?
  • Acceptance – Meditation is about accepting how you are right now, rather than denying it. Acceptance first, change comes later. Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation.
  • Kindness – Bringing a sense of warm and caring compassion to your moment to moment experience. Being aware of your moment to moment experience with your heart as well as your head.
  • Letting go – No need to try and hold on to pleasant experiences and push away unpleasant experiences. There was a sense of a light touch to changes and your experience.
  • Non–judging – Observing whatever you are experiencing as it is, rather than classifying it into good or bad, like or dislike.
  • Non–striving – Allowing yourself to experience whatever your experience is rather than creating a goal for some other experience and then striving to attain that different experience.
  • Patience – Change takes time. Foster your capacity to be patient.
  • Trust – Having confidence in Osho, in the practice of meditation, and in your inner self to guide you.

Besides Osho’s daily lectures, my favourite day-in-day out meditation was (and still is) the Breath Meditation:

Be aware of the sense of your own breathing. You don’t need to change the rate of your breath. Just feel the physical sensation of your breath entering and leaving the body.

You can feel the breath in the nose, the throat, the chest or down in your belly. If possible, try and feel the breath in the belly as it’s more grounding and more likely to make you feel relaxed.

When your mind wanders off into thoughts, bring your attention back. It is the nature of the mind to take your attention away from whatever you want to focus on, and into thoughts about the past or future, worries or dreams.

You can do this meditation during the entire day while walking, working, waiting, watching, etc.

Meditation can be as simple as that.

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