The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me


A poem by Madhuri

He lassoed me
with a loose string of pearls
then drew me towards him
   at a gentle trot.

I gave all my rings
to the servants
and got up at 5:30,
   on the dot.

Madhuri SF 1973

He threw me into the ring
   like dice,
slapped me down on the table
like a hand of cards
open for everyone to see.
Pushed me off the high-dive
   into a vast salt sea –

The best thing that ever
   happened to me.
He opened out my hand
on the table
and every card was a rose, a rose
   – so surprising me

I hung from the sky with a burnt
where he’d planted his Mystery Knee

The best thing that ever happened
   was that day he lassoed me.

Hebden Bridge, June 2015


MadhuriMadhuri is a regular contributor

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