The Idea Was To Establish A Contact With Other Planetary Beings


You may not be aware, but within the last hundred years scientists have discovered that there must be at least fifty thousand planets in the universe on which there may be life.

And they suspect there may be beings on these planets with a consciousness developed as high as that of human beings – or even higher. But the most difficult thing is: how to establish a dialogue with them? How to send them signals? What sign or symbol will they understand? How will they follow them? Seeing the tricolor flag of India, an Indian knows it is his national flag. But what significance will the flag have for people of other planets? And how can we make it fly so that it becomes visible to them? Many strange experiments have already been carried out in this respect.

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One man created a gigantic triangle in Siberia. He grew yellow flowers on that triangle which was miles long. Then he illuminated the triangle with special light effects. Now, no matter on which planet you may draw a triangle, it will still be a triangle. No matter where you may draw, it will still have three angles. Wherever there is a human being, or beings higher than man – whatever – the figures of geometry will remain the same.

So the idea was to establish a contact with other planetary beings by means of geometry. It was hoped, firstly, that people looking at such a huge triangle from another planet may come to think that such a triangle could not have come into existence on its own. And, secondly, seeing the triangle they might safely assume that geometry must be known to the people on earth.

For many days a great deal of work was done under this assumption, but there was no confirmation whether or not anyone on the other planets understood this attempt. Now of course, radar has been set up to receive signals which perhaps the other planets may be sending us. Occasionally some signals are caught, but their secret, their meaning remains obscure.

For example, you must have heard of the flying saucer. Many people have seen a small luminous saucerlike object moving around and then disappearing in the sky. It has been seen at many places, on many occasions, and sometimes at many locations around the world on the same night. And yet, so far, it has remained a mystery. No one knows what that object is. Who sends it? Why does it appear and then disappear?

It is quite possible that beings of some planet are trying to establish contact with earth. They may be sending us signals which we are unable to follow. When we don’t understand them, some of us say it’s all a fiction. They think the talk of flying saucers, etcetera is nothing more than gossip. Some believe it must be an optical illusion, while others think it could not be anything but some kind of natural phenomenon. So it is not clear exactly what it is. There are a few people in this world who at least believe that maybe through these objects people of another planet are sending an invitation to us, that they are trying to convey something to us.

But even this is not such a difficult situation, because the distance between life on this planet and life on another planet is not so great as it is between souls which have reached the other world and souls which still exist in this world. This distance is much greater. In the first place, the signals transmitted from that world are difficult to catch here. Even if they are caught, they are not understood. Their secrets remain undiscovered.

Osho, And Now, And Here, Ch 13, Q 7 (translated from Hindi, excerpt)

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