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A letter from Leela about the use of the name Osho Mystic Rose for the group process she developed.

In 1988 Osho requested that I create his new Meditative Therapy – Mystic Rose Meditation, which was originally a two week process of Laughter and Tears for three hours per day and for one week each.

I noticed that after the second week of Tears, participants were quite vulnerable, so I asked Osho if we could have a few days of meditation to settle the energy. It was then that Osho added the third week entitled ‘The Watcher on the Hills’.

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After the process had been running for some time, I was asked by Osho to create a training for those who wished to offer the process around the world or in their own countries. I began running trainings for participants from the group who wished to learn how to facilitate Mystic Rose. The trainings ran during the group for 2 hours in the afternoons, on 5 days of each week.

I have facilitated Mystic Rose for over 28 years with many thousands of people and trained hundreds more from around the world. During every training I have encouraged people to share this beautiful and powerful process as much as they are able.

I suggested gathering friends for laughter evenings for example, to give people a taste of the process. I also suggested to Osho centres that they have follow-up evenings or weekends, which one centre did and was informed that participants found it very helpful and supportive.

I also made it clear, “in every training that I ran,” that Osho’s Mystic Rose Meditation was a 21 day, 3 hours per day process and if they were to offer any other format of these profound elements – laughter, tears and meditation – it should NOT be called Mystic Rose. If trained facilitators felt unable to run a three week process, they could do a shorter version but not call it Mystic Rose.

I have myself, run a 1 week ‘Laughter Therapy Group’ here in Australia, which was 2 hours of laughter followed by half an hour of silent sitting and it worked beautifully.

The reason I am writing this is that for all the hundreds of people that I have trained over the years, only a handful of facilitators are actually offering Mystic Rose around the world. Even at the Resort in Pune, there are far fewer participants every year.

Instead of Mystic Rose expanding to more and more countries, as I would have hoped, it has become clear that this is in fact not happening.

There are a few centres worldwide where Mystic Rose is offered every year and a few individuals who offer it in different centres. May they continue this wonderful work!

I would once again like to express my support to those who would like to offer the three elements of laughter, tears and meditation, whether it be as a refresher for those who have already done the three week process, or as an introduction to the healing effects of laughter, tears and meditation.

Another reason for writing this is to encourage all who have done the Mystic Rose Training, to be able to offer these three dynamic elements in shorter formats, to always keep in mind that ‘Osho’s Mystic Rose’ is strictly the three week process. This means that you would have to give a different name to any other form of intro or refresher; in this way we keep the science of Osho’s three week process pure.

With much love,

Leela Itzler
Osho Institute for Meditative Therapies

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