Kids and Parents Meditation Camp at Oshodham


Chinmaya’s impressions from a camp: “As a sannyasin parent I recommend the experience very highly.”

I am just back from the three-day Kids and Parents Meditation Camp at Oshodham, Delhi which I attended together with my partner Naveena and my seven-year old daughter Koyal. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, with the highlight of Koyal taking sannyas, where she became Ma Dhyan Ragini.

There were around 50 kids of all ages. Their camp was held in the impressive Dhyan Mandir (Buddha Hall) and was lead, with limitless energy and enthusiasm, by Ma Prem Devyani. She and her team kept the kids occupied with juicy meditations, music, dance, talent shows and games from 6.30am until late evening. We adults had our sessions (starting with Dynamic) in a separate chamber and, except at mealtimes, we hardly saw our excited kids. Our meditations were lead by Keerti with lovable humour (and no guru trips!).


Naveena, Ragini and I were the only foreigners, but we were surrounded by such sweet Indian families. A second highlight for us was joining the kids in Heart Dance and looking into all these beautiful, innocent eyes. It was amazing to see older teenagers, who in the West would surely act far too ‘cool’ to join, dancing and singing enthusiastically with the younger ones to old Osho songs!

We stayed in a luxury AC room, which was pricey at Rs5000 a night but it included all meals. (There are cheaper options beginning at Rs600 for dormitory accommodation.) The camp itself is free! Food was chilli-free Indian vegetarian. The huge campus is green and quiet, and with its black-painted buildings feels very much like the Resort in Pune.

As a sannyasin parent I can’t recommend the experience too highly. I feel our Ragini had a chance to flower there beyond anything I could have expected. And what a relief it was for us that for once there was no one-hour-a-day entry limitation for kids as we have at the Resort. There are four of these camps a year, with the next one in late December (23-25). Anyone out there wants to join us for one sometime next year?

If you are interested to explore the possibility of creating a place to implement Osho’s vision for kids education please join our FB Group Osho Kids and Parents

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Some images in the slide show are from previous meditation camps.

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