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Osho about the Heart: “The heart is always true. And the head is never true.”


The heart is always true.
The heart is never untrue
And the head is never true.
The head lives in lies, it lives on lies.
It exists in all kinds of falsehoods.

The heart is authentic, it is sincere.
It is simple, it is not cunning.
It is tremendously intelligent but not cunning.
It simply reflects that which is.
That’s its beauty and its truth.

God is never known through the head.
Anything that has any value
Is never known through the head.
Love, beauty, God
They are all known through the heart.
The heart is the gateless gate to reality.

Move from the head to the heart.

We are all hung up in the head.
That is our only problem, the only one problem
And there is only one solution:
Get down from the head into the heart
And all problems disappear.
They are created by the head.
And suddenly everything is so clear
And so transparent that one is surprised
How one was continuously inventing problems.

Mysteries remain but problems disappear.
Mysteries abound but problems evaporate.
And mysteries are beautiful.
They are not to be solved
They have to be lived.

Osho, Eighty Four Thousand Poems, Ch 6

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