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Ageh Bharti remembers Kranti telling a story involving Prof. S. K. Saxena.

Osho as a student

Osho’s caretaker at Jabalpur, Yoga Kranti, related an incident:

Once Osho went to Bhopal to give an interview for a job. During the interview, somebody asked for a character certificate.

Osho said, “I do not have a character certificate. And why do you demand a character certificate? Generally, those who issue a character certificate do not have a good character.”

The interviewer laughed at this and said, “But a character certificate is a must, whatever be the case.”

“Well, if it is so, I will make a true copy.”

“But where is the original?”

“When I go back to Jabalpur, I will get the original made. At present, I am giving you a true copy.”

“When the original is not there, how and whose true copy will you make?”

“I am giving you the true copy. The copy is true. This is my responsibility. As soon as I return to Jabalpur, I will get the original made.” And immediately, Osho made a true copy of the character certificate – which was non-existent.

When he returned to Jabalpur, he told the whole story to Prof. Saxena and asked him to make the original of the true copy. Hearing this, the professor laughed.

Osho said to Prof. Saxena, “I have not written much in that certificate. Had you written it, you could have written more.”

The professor laughed again and made the original copy with a guffaw, as Osho dictated the text to him.

Perhaps, such a thing has never happened before – a true copy is made first and the original later.

We all had a good laugh.

It will not be out of the way to say here that Osho was appointed for the job.

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