Happiness is not available wholesale

Remembering Here&Now

Ageh Bharti asks a personal question while waiting for Osho’s train to arrive – an Aha moment ensued.

Victoria Terminus Bombay

On February 9, 1970, Osho had to go to Patna by Bombay-Howrath Mail to deliver lectures. Mr. R. R. Mishra, Prof. Arvind, and I were at the railway station to give him a send-off. There were still ten minutes before the arrival of the train. We went to the waiting room and occupied our seats.

After formal talks, I asked Osho, “Acharya-ji, since this morning I have been in great mental stress.”

Osho looked at me and I proceeded, “Since morning, the thought that the happiness which depends on someone else, was not real happiness, troubled me. Since then I experienced a sort of disinterest towards you because when I meet you, I feel happy and when you are not there then I will encounter the same stress, the same restlessness. Then what was the use of such happiness?”

Osho replied, “The problem is that we want wholesale happiness, And there exists no wholesale happiness anywhere in the universe. In fact, undue expectation is the cause of our agony. Even if you get happiness for one moment, is it not worth it? If we do not get even that, what can we do? And happiness is not achieved in bulk. If it is achieved wholesale, it too will become bondage.

“One ought to live moment to moment. And we can’t do anything to ward off outer situations. We can only do something to our minds. We can have such a state of mind that each moments becomes blissful. Happiness is not available wholesale. It is received moment to moment. There can be such a state of our mind that it can derive happiness every moment but it is never received wholesale.”

He so summed up when the train arrived. While the train was moving, he said, “I will talk to you on my return from Patna.” And the train chugged out.

I believed that there was now no need to trouble him about it on his return from Patna. He had made it clear: “Wrong expectation is the cause of agony.”

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