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Prem Geet reviews Osho Tapoban’s latest publication – and calls it a feast for the eyes and the soul.

The Art of Enlightenment TapobanThis large ‘coffee table book’ is visually striking and represents a years-long editorial feat that gleans from numerous discourses by Osho about enlightenment. The profound graphic dimension was also expertly guided by Swami Dhyan Yatri who has the unique capacity to interpret Osho’s meanings visually and illuminate the sacred message through his refined aesthetic understanding. This rare compilation on enlightenment is so packed with meaning that it towers above most other books.

A spiritual feast and a creative glory, the Art of Enlightenment is the one book I would choose if I had to choose only one. Throughout nearly 400 pages, Osho compassionately states and re-states in so many ways and from so many angles the words to help us accept the shortcut to awakening:

Enlightenment brings everything
to a very simple and scientific conclusion.
It pinpoints that all that you need is to learn awareness.

Like Tapoban’s other books, this one too is a gift to the emerging New Humanity. It’s as if the Master anticipated the need for the ultimate “owner’s manual” or “how to” guide for the next wave of enlightenment to shower on more and more flowers in the human garden – to help our planet survive and prosper in peace and celebration.

In his foreword Arun says: “It is an impossible task to contain the uncontainable, to give the taste of enlightenment through the limited frame of words. And yet Osho has done it beautifully, with a flare of great aesthetics and poetry. Not only his words, but every gesture, every movement, everything that he did was an expression and expansion of his enlightenment.”

The book design concept follows this high-level aesthetic expression. Backed by a team of publication experts cultivated over the years, Arun’s passion for spreading the words of Osho is now realized thanks to a very talented and mature team of editors, graphic artists, book designers, photographers, and support personnel. With so much love, talent, care, and commitment over the years, this amazing team has realized the highest professionalism in sharing Arun’s passionate focus on Osho with a worldwide audience of seekers and readers. With 110 books to their credit in only a few years, ‘Osho Tapoban Publications’ has become a formidable publisher fueled by a team of fierce Osho lovers and the very best example of commitment, vision, determination, and resourcefulness in carrying out the Master’s wishes to make his talks available to everyone via books at cost.

It’s a captivating pleasure to sit with this book and flip through the large glossy pages full of bold and dramatic design. The book is rich with large color photos and artwork of contemporary orange buddhas, lotus flowers, meditators, dewy leaves, and Osho himself. Designed as an exquisite art book, this eternal collection will never fade.

Osho’s words can strike the heart of everyone: seekers, meditators, or casual readers in for a date with destiny. This book is “one-size-fits-all”, transcending all religions and all conditioning. In only a few words, Osho’s voice reaches into your soul like a shimmering gong; about enlightenment he says:

The criterion can only be if you are open.
What is the criterion to know whether this flower is a rose or not?
The only criterion is to open your eyes, open your nostrils,
smell it, let it reach your being; only that will reveal.

Throughout Arun’s books his message is that enlightenment takes many forms and reminds one to live that individual path that is ours and ours alone. This altogether unique compilation about enlightenment makes us look long and softly through the eyes of Osho until the soul soars:

Enlightenment can happen any place, can happen at any moment. You just have to allow it to happen.”

Arun prefaces the monumental achievement, “This book is an invitation and an effort to inspire you for this allowing.”

A feast for the eyes and the heart! Must read!

Presently available at amazon.com
and via the websites of Osho Tapoban, Nepal, and Osho Niranjana, CA, USA

Quotes by Osho in this review from
The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, Ch 34
The Beloved, Vol 2, Ch 10
The Wisdom of the Sands, Vol 2, Ch 2

By Prem Geet

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