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Sarita writes about a modality she has has been using for healing for many years and about the inventor of Tachyonization, David Wagner.

When I first heard of Tachyon Healing in 1995 I was skeptical; it sounded just too good to be true. But a trusted friend and colleague in the Osho Commune in Pune persuaded me to take part in a course with David Wagner, the inventor of the Tachyonization process.

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Once I had learned Tachyon Healing and experienced the effects of it, I knew that this new technology had to be made available to as many people as possible. It was the beginning of my love affair with Tachyon. Subsequently, I went through 9 years of apprenticeship with David and learned how to teach Tachyon. I can’t imagine life without Tachyon, since its beneficial effects are so far-reaching, for physical health, spiritual expansion and balancing of the environment.

What is Tachyon?

Tachyon, a Greek word meaning ‘swift’, was coined by quantum physicists in the 1960’s to describe a faster than light particle which is “beyond velocity, omnipresent, carries 100% potential of all form, is beyond time, eternal, and formless.” Tachyon is considered by quantum physics to be the ‘messenger’ of the Zero Point Field, which is what people commonly think of as ‘source.’

The Zero Point Field

The Zero Point Field carries the potential for the formed world to manifest. It is from where everything comes and to where everything returns. It is a pre-frequency, faster than light field of power and potential. Both the Zero Point Field and Tachyon have a ‘negative entropy’ effect, which translates as – bringing order out of chaos. Entropy is the process of decay and dying. ‘Negative Entropy’ is life in a state of rejuvenation and renewal.

Entropy and Rejuvenation

The old model of science, based on Newton’s ideas believes that everything is destined to move towards decay, entropy and death. This may be why the people who subscribe to this idea have not coined a more appropriate word for rejuvenation. Negative entropy sounds, well, negative. With newer advances in quantum physics, some Newtonian beliefs have become old-fashioned. In actual fact, existence functions as a vast recycling system. Particles wink in and out of existence, new particles are born. This process of death and renewal is constantly happening within our bodies and all of nature. Nature has seasons, cycles and rhythms for the birth, death and renewal process.

Our bodies are part of this natural flow. Depending on how we choose to live, we can either increase the renewal effect or we may choose to increase the entropic effect. Tachyon by its very nature, increases rejuvenation on all levels of our body, mind and soul.

The Inventor

The man behind Tachyonization is an engineer named David Wagner. During his childhood, he was raised in an environment where family members were into both spirituality and gemmology. When he was 7 years old, a dramatic event happened that transformed him forever.

A Dramatic Life-Changing Experience

He was a home-alone kid, as his mother had to work. She told him if he needed her, to phone, as she worked not too far away and could come back to help. One day he felt very dizzy and strange and called her. She told him it was OK if he went outside to get some fresh air.

As seven-year old David stepped outside, a ball of luminous light came rushing towards him and entered his body. He immediately fainted. Gradually he returned to consciousness and as he came back, felt very different from before. Looking around, he realized he was seeing energies moving which had previously been invisible. He could see energy moving in electric wires, in trees, grass and everywhere. When he went back in the house, he saw that the energies were not coherent. When he was outside, he saw that all of nature was harmonious and coherent.

Later, as he met people, he found himself to be reading their thoughts without meaning to. This got him into a great deal of trouble because he would often respond to what a person was thinking, rather than what they said. He discovered that adults often say one thing and think something else. This gift was a blessing and a curse, as he found himself to be different from others and therefore could never really fit in. It took him years to be able to tune out the thoughts of those around him. He still has this gift but is now able to choose when and where to use it, in service of the highest good of all beings.

Because of his gift, and the genius that came with it, David was able to excel in engineering due to the fact that he could see the energy moving inside machines and therefore knew exactly how to create premium products or to fix problems.

The Accident, a Curse and a Blessing

While at the peak of a very successful career, one morning while sitting in meditation, David received a message from source: “Whatever will happen today is for the best.” Later that day he had an accident which ruptured three disks in his back and he was subsequently declared to be “crippled for life” by eight different specialists. He spent two years in constant agonizing pain which no medical intervention was able to alleviate. During this period, he lost his job, his wife left him and his whole world fell apart at the seams. He hit rock bottom.

One day, in deepest despair, he cried out to source: “Why is this for the best?” He heard a voice echoing from universal consciousness: “Are you ready?” He answered a resounding, “Yes!” Immediately he received a ‘psychic download’ of a blueprint for a machine that had never existed before. The same spirit guide informed him that if he built this machine, he would be able to heal his back.

A Magical Healing Machine

David built the machine and put round colored glass disks into it. The process which the glass disks went through in the machine took two weeks. With his clairvoyant vision David could see the energy moving in the machine. However, there was one place in the machine, during the two week process, where no energy, no frequency was moving. At the time, he didn’t know what this meant.

When the two-week process was done, he took the glass disks and put them on his back. Within a period of 6 months, his back was completely healed. News of this remarkable event spread. Finally, he opened a pain clinic and began treating people free of charge. In each and every case, he was able to help people to alleviate their pain.

Some doctors heard about this and asked to try some of his ‘miracle glass disks’ on their clients. In every case, it worked to heal back pain. Finally, the doctors came to see him and said, “We know this works, but we don’t know how it works or what it is! You need to define this process, give it a name and let us know how it works from a scientific perspective.”

Naming his Invention

David immersed himself in research to try and discover what he could call his powerful discovery. He went deeply into everything he could find about Nicola Tesla and the phenomenon of ‘Free Energy’. He searched into Physics and Quantum Physics, and finally came to understand that through his machine, he had found a way to transform objects on a sub-molecular level into permanent Tachyon antennae. Just as a radio receives radio waves, Tachyonized products receive and transmit Tachyon particles. The mysterious part of the machine, which has no frequency, is actually a concentration of Tachyon particles.

On further research done by David and also by independent scientific researchers, he found out that his Tachyonized products could not only heal pain, but can also be used to neutralize electromagnetic effects, expand consciousness, expand joy and love, dissolve stress, open a portal into angelic dimensions and much more.

Today, there are thousands of Tachyon Technology products being used with tremendous results by thousands of people in 120 countries around the world. David’s patented process of Tachyonization is so amazing that it feels like a miracle, even though it is based on science. In fact, he has created a technology where science and spirituality meet.

How Does Tachyon Work?

Tachyon, being a non-frequency type of healing method, cannot push our bodies out of balance. Our bodies absorb this rejuvenating source energy, turn it into the physical frequency we need, and only take in as much as is needed in that moment. It is the body’s own intelligence which determines the amount of Tachyon we absorb.

Physicists speak about a subtle energy ‘orbit’ that exists around each particle of matter. David Wagner calls this orbit the Subtle Organizing Energy Field. Tachyon particles, which are omnipresent in the universe, are able to interact with this subtle organizing energy field, infusing it with rejuvenating properties.

The subtle organizing energy field is rejuvenated by Tachyon but can also be pushed out of balance by negative electromagnetic energy or other toxic factors of the modern world. Using Tachyonized products helps us to maintain a balanced and healthy state even when challenged by negative environmental factors. With the Tachyonized product, our subtle organizing energy fields are able to absorb enough Tachyon to remain healthy.

Chaos and a Higher Level of Order

In quantum physics it is known that life moves in constant recurring waves of chaos, order, chaos, order. The peak of the chaos wave is called ‘bifurcation’. This is when a physical system is asking the question, “Shall I move into entropy and death or should I move towards a higher level of order, and rejuvenation?” We all know the feeling, when a fever becomes more and more hot and finally, at the peak of the fever, it breaks; we sweat and suddenly we begin feeling much better. This peaking of the chaos of the fever is called a bifurcation.

When we use Tachyonized products, these will help our body / mind and emotions come quickly to bifurcation, experience a breakthrough, and shift to a higher level of order and wellness. This is often accompanied by deep realizations on how to live in harmony with our soul-calling.

Tachyonized™ Products

The Tachyonized™ products, which David Wagner manufactures at his factory, go through his machine in a process which takes 14 days to complete. At the end of this time, they have become permanent Tachyon antennae and can be used on, in or around the body and the environment to maximize regeneration and wellness.

What are Tachyon Products Used for?

Common uses of Tachyonized products are as follows: stress reduction, pain relief, harmonizing and opening up of the chakras, balancing harmful electromagnetic waves, such as from computer and electric appliances, reducing the negative effects of mobile phone use, harmonizing the home, raising the vibration of water and food, offering healing for organs, blood, bones, muscles, sprains or bruises, enhancing sexual pleasure, healing of sexual dysfunction, supporting a good night’s sleep, and experiencing deeksha (the descent of grace) and much more! Tachyon products support the expansion of consciousness and acceleration of our potential in many varied ways! (Tachyonized products can be purchased via David’s website,
planet-tachyon.com or Sarita and David’s that combines Tantra and Tachyon, tantra.healing-energy.com)

The Correlation between Tachyon and the Ayurveda Map of Reality

I am passionate about both Ayurveda and Tachyon and have stumbled on a remarkable correlation between these two systems. In ancient Ayurveda, sages discovered the healing power of Tachyon and the ancient recipe for how to access it still exists. This recipe is quite complex, as you have to burn cow dung and ghee at both sunrise and sunset while chanting very specific mantras. This creates a special ash called vibhuti, said to have miraculous effects for healing and raising the vibration of the environment.

The ancient Vedic and Ayurveda terms for the step-down process from the formless into form, exactly mirror the quantum physics theory for this same step-down process.

  • Zero Point Field = Brahma (carries the potential for all form)
  • Tachyon = Prana (the subtle breath of life)
  • Subtle Organizing Energy Field = Prema (field of love around each particle of living matter)
  • Rejuvenation of Life Force Energy = Ojas (joyous life force)
  • Vertical flow of Energy from Crown to feet = Deeksha (descent of grace)

Existence is very compassionate in making Tachyon available to us in its modern form. Life after all, loves to go on renewing itself!

David Wagner and Sarita will run two workshops in Thailand: Angelic Convergence, 7-10 June 2017 and Tantra Healing Energy, 11-14 June 2017, for bookings go to tantra-essence.com.

Previously published on Sarita’s blog under the title, Tachyon Technologies: a Portal Into Ecstasy, Angels and Healing

David WagnerDavid Wagner’s spiritual path started in 1965. He is the world’s foremost expert in Tachyon energy and the inventor of the Tachyonization machines for which he has been granted the only patent in Tachyonizing. David has created specialized tools that open up a portal to source and, through this, angelic beings are invited into our world of form, bringing grace and benediction to our lives. He is also a celebrated global spiritual teacher in consciousness and healing. planet-tachyon.com

SaritaSarita is a world-renowned Tantra teacher, author and holistic healer. She has been on the spiritual path since 1973, and teaching since 1990. She has been using Tachyon products since 1995. Sarita and David have been searching for ways and means to bring Tachyon products to more and more people as a way of uplifting humanity to greater levels of health, expanded consciousness, love and bliss. tantra-essence.com

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