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Ageh Bharti receives this short answer from Osho.

Jabalpur sign at train station

At Jabalpur I once asked, “Acharya-ji, you have somewhere said that if someone listens to Buddha rightly, he will not go and listen to him again, he will not cling to him. You quite frequently say this in one way or the other. And whenever you say this, it pierces like an arrow because I am also a seeker of the Ultimate, the Absolute, anything less than that cannot make me contented. But I am attached to you. You know all. So, please tell me what is right for me, to be with you or to leave you.”

Osho smiled and said, “Wait!” And I am still waiting! But not for him to ask me to leave because I know now that anybody who is capable of leaving, who is capable of being alone, does not ask. He simply leaves. I have realized that my path is not to leave him but to be drowned in him, i.e. the path of a bhakta.

Note by the editor: ‘Bhakta’ means ‘devotee’.

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