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Anything related to Osho is always special, writes Ageh Bharti. However, today I would like to share a very special incidence that happened with Osho. It was narrated by Professor Arvind Kumar, the then Secretary to Osho, at Jabalpur.

Kranti BeejIt might have been in 1966 that a professor of the Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi read a book by Osho in Hindi, entitled Kranti Beej which means Seeds of Revolution. She became so deeply fascinated that she left for Jabalpur by the first available train to see Osho. She felt extremely restless and knew this would continue until she could sit at Osho’s feet.

On arrival at Jabalpur, she learnt that Osho had gone to Delhi and would be back after five days. She told Prof. Arvind that her heart was burning and couldn’t relax until she meets Osho. She thought it would be better to go straight to Delhi than returning to Varanasi and live in that condition for five days and then again come to Jabalpur. She received Osho’s address from Prof. Arvind and left for Delhi.

On arrival in Delhi she was exceedingly joyous to meet Osho directly and speak with him. Euphoric with ecstasy she told Osho that she wanted to stay with him for the maximum of time and she also slept in his room during the night.

One morning when she had been to listen to Osho’s discourse, upon return she found that her luggage had been thrown out of the room and dumped on the veranda. She felt greatly humiliated and started sobbing and thought of going back to Varanasi.

Osho with guests

Osho called for the organiser and asked what the problem was. Why was her luggage removed from his room? The organiser told that as per rules of the Jain Society a male and female can’t be allowed to stay in one room. Osho said, “If she wants to stay there and I have no objection, why should you worry?” But the organiser said that the Jain Society’s rules cannot be violated for anybody.

The professor started crying aloud, saying that until now they had insulted only her, but now they were insulting Osho as well. She could not bear it; she picked up her luggage and started to leave.

Osho told the organisers to keep their stupid rules and that he too was leaving, and got up to follow the professor. This was the moment when Lala Sunder Lal ji, a very well-known publisher of English books (Motilal Banarsidas) came forward to invite Osho and the professor to stay at his house and took them there. Osho was to stay there also on his future visits to Delhi.

This incident became a very much highlighted news item, published in all the newspapers and in all languages in the country for several months.

As per schedule, when Osho went to Ahmedabad next, some friends suggested to Osho that he should not give much attention to women otherwise it would earn him a bad name and people would not believe he is a celibate sage. At this Osho asked, “When did I tell you that I am a celibate sage?”

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