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…left his body on 5th August 2017.

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Das Anudas (aka David Burrows) was a professor at a university in the States before he took sannyas from Osho in Pune on 27 June 1978 (A servant of servants). He has been involved in all Osho’s Communes. On the Ranch he worked on The Rajneesh Times, and also drove buses. In Pune 2 he was often seen walking around the ashram with cameras dangling around his neck and, in the late nineties, he was part of the Welcome crew.

Zahira remembers a beautiful anecdote:

He told me a beautiful story about what a perfectionist he was. One time Osho selected a photo to use but Anudas said it was not good because it was out of focus. Osho’s response was: “Does Anudas believe the world is always in focus?” What a beautiful koan for Anudas.

Anudas died from a heart attack in Panajachel, Guatemala, where he had been living in recent years. He was 80 years old.

Photos and info thanks to Ajita, Zahira and Vikrant

Anudas’s sannyas darshan: A servant of servants


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I appeciated Anudas for his silent, unpreposessive manner. For years we worked at neighboring desks and enjoyed our mutual company. I know virtually nothing about him but I definitely knew HIM. He was a wonderful man. I feel grateful to have known him. Love,

Nirvano asked me how I knew they were buddies. It’s because I remember their joke:

Der Nirvano
Das Anudas

(It helps if you know something about German grammar.) Bon voyage, Anudas!

A very gentle being left us…

A kindred spirit. Over the years we kept bumping into each other in various incarnations of publications in the world of Osho. We shared a “Virgo” thing, a self-critical and jaundiced eye on many of the little homilies of everyday life … an eye that was rather adept at covering a deeply felt sorrow at the pain of the world, knowing the only thing to do was keep on keepin’ on. And he always had a way of letting me know, just at the right time, that he had my back. And knew at the same time that I had his. If there’s a “seeing you” on the other shore, I know he will be there! Bon voyage, Das Anudas, my friend.

Anudas was a fun member of the welcome center crew. So many enjoyable moments. Fly high, Anudas. Love,

Sweet, sweet Anudas.
May the winds be good to you…
With love and gratefulness,

Beloved “servant of servants”, you are (and will always be) a treasure of treasures. Such a gentle man… such a kind good heart. I was shocked to see you in the Passages corner of life… but then perhaps I’ll see you again, before too long… on the other shore. Love on love to you, Anudas.

It was your name on the darshan list: David Ben David. And how he gave you another equally well-proportioned name: Das Anu Das. From then on we were friends… The interview I did with you then, the occasional pieces we asked you to write. Then on the Ranch, only off and on bumping into each other till Pune Two, back together working with words. Dearest Anudas, I loved your quiet, gentle demeanour and your slightly ironic humour, ever so subtle… Fly well, old friend. See you at the next gathering!

Thank you, dear one, for 40 years of friendship, laughter, puns, teasing, support, and wisdom. I am blessed to have known you. You live on in those who loved you.
(Deva) Vatula / Marty Wohl

Beloved Anudas, I do not have many words to say; we had a good time together and you will all the time be in my memory.

Das Anudas was a friend of mine.
Miguel Pagliere

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