Rajneeshpuram: Ground Zero for the New Man


The Great American Eclipse will take place on Monday, August 21, 2017, which has already been widely marked as an auspicious day. Incidentally, the path of this eclipse will pass right over Rajneeshpuram. Arjuna explains his take on it.

Eclipse 2017 RP

At first I had the idea that this Great American Eclipse – marking the beginning of the end of American military and economic hegemony – ought to have sannyasins witness the eclipse shadow at 100 percent totality pass over the Ranch. It was the scene of the hegemonic America’s crime. Osho had predicted with the Ranch’s disbanding that he, arrested, poisoned and cast out of America, would then see the fascist government in America “go down the drain.” Thirty-three years later, even the heavens will mark the beginning of the draining.

I do not say these things with any feeling of vengeance, just an understanding of karmic consequence. Indeed, I foresee America’s greatest days are ahead of it. Once it has lost this egoistic era of being a superpower, it will venture inward as a nation and eventually become the ‘new India’ – a cradle for new religiousness of the Aquarian Age and the outcast master’s vision will be at the core of it. A synthesis of Eastern and Native American understanding as its foundation.

Osho used to talk about this to Amrito, who told me in 1989, how America would someday welcome him back with “a red carpet.” Yes. Red as our new brand of Sannyas can be. I now understand that he didn’t mean literally, physically coming back in his form, but in our forms, our silence, our celebration as his silence and bliss.

Thus, I initially thought I would celebrate the beginning of this new era at the onset of the beginning of the end of the old at the place few but us – and maybe few even among us sannyasins – understand is where it was seeded, at Rajneeshpuram.

Then, out of the blue, two friends spontaneously sent me the exact same Osho quote from two opposite corners of the world where he mentions an eclipse that was about to happen back in 1980. I took it to be a message to change my travel plans.

I just published a book on 5 August called, The Great American Eclipse: Earthquake and Tsunami and this quote was just the thing I was trying to find for the book. I hadn’t even asked around for it and there it was in my inbox just before the book was published.

I don’t want to take Osho out of context and be the cause for feeding people’s judgments against him for his views about eclipses. Yet I will have to quote this much of the passage just because he could be absolutely correct and therefore people should heed this warning, including me, and then decide what to do, and be response “able” about whatever happens if one does go under the moon’s shadow to watch it:

There will be great temptation to come out and see, but avoid it, don’t come out. It is dangerous to the eyes, it is dangerous to your nervous system, it is dangerous to your mind mechanism. Many people will go berserk, many people will go blind. Women who are pregnant should avoid coming out absolutely because the child in the womb is very very vulnerable. He has no safeguards yet; he is soft, so soft he can be affected by anything. And in the solar eclipse, when it is total, dangerous rays enter into the atmosphere.

So when the eclipse happens I would like all my sannyasins to go inside their rooms, close the doors, sit in deep meditation. It will last only a few minutes. Avoid the temptation of coming out, and don’t try to find out devices through which you can see it without being harmed. No device is absolutely foolproof; it is better to avoid it. (Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 9, Ch 6)

I do not at this time presume to know why he was so adamant about not having anyone go out. Perhaps it was a device to help a few disciples not go berserk from the cosmic waves, or save the eyes of a few others who might harm them carelessly looking directly at the shrinking sun. Perhaps it was a test in surrender, or even a test in taking a risk to stand in your own truth, go out, watch the eclipse, and accept the consequences. And finally all the “maybes” above could be completely wrong and none of us, all the millions expected to gather on 21 August 2017, should go out and watch the moon’s 100-percent overshadowing of the sun, period.

That is up to you.

I will say this, after researching this matter for years and finally producing a book about it, there is “something” released by a total eclipse. Some kind of force interacts with people in their mass-unconscious mindedness. It does make them a little crazy but not immediately. It is like a seeding that sprouts a berserk harvest later.

Call it “unconsciousness quakes” that follow the “seismic quakes” and other natural disasters heralding it. Take for instance, the target of this eclipse: Americans. Some of them, certainly a lot of bureaucrats, congress and perhaps a president or two, could go berserk in the three months to five years following this eclipse and do something threatening the future of civilization on Earth.

November 2017 is the moment the short countdown in Nostradamus’ prophecies to a Third World War runs out. His long count takes us all the way to spring of 2027.

It all depends on when you start the countdown. It has to begin the moment a new cold war between America and Russia begins. I called it for late April 2014 when Washington/Brussels against Moscow hurled sanctions and counter sanctions over the Ukrainian Civil War. Yet maybe it’s earlier, when Russia annexed the Crimea. That means the short countdown ends in October 2017.

Maybe it’s earlier than that. When the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine brought neo-Nazis to power, prompting Russia’s reaction to take back the Crimea, which had been a Russian province for 300 years, then aid the Eastern Ukrainian Russians in their defense against the new neo-Fascist regime in Kiev that was threatening violence and ethnic cleansing?

That would put the countdown ending in September, 2017, the month following the great eclipse across America a little over a week later.

If war is faced, engaged, or never takes place, this eclipse, either by mere coincidence or cosmic intent, is going to herald destiny altering events, changing the course of all of our lives in the months and years following because of what it will do to America.

That’s my prescient call.

Maybe Osho is right. No one should venture out under the shadow and watch the spectral-Ringwraith corona of the sun; rather, stay indoors and go “in.” There really is something to be “aware of” — even “beware of” — about this eclipse.

For my part, I meditated on it and an answer effortlessly came up that is clear for me. Those are always the messages that ring true because they open easy and easy is right.

I’m going to celebrate the eclipse under a 91 percent totality of the sun in my home on Whidbey Island, WA.

I invite you to do the same wherever you are. Let’s do the Total Eclipse Meditation, sitting, being quiet, watching the breath going in and out and let the powers of the cosmos take us deep, deep inside our blissful cores. It is at that core of witnessing, inside which an inner eye of awareness opens. We will need this unwavering, eternal witnessing in the coming weeks, months and years. May it be a light unto itself, an eye of consciousness in the storm of history’s oncoming hurricane.

Let us eclipse the chattering mind, and all cares.

Let us all sit during the eclipse’s passing from sea to shining sea across the lower 48 states of America, lasting one hour and 32 seconds in a brother and sisterhood of silence.

See you all inside.

Dhyan Arjuna TNArjuna (John Hogue) is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He is author of 900 articles and 43 published books (1,170,000 copies sold) in 20 languages and sought-after for radio and TV talks shows. Arjuna presently lives in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island, USA and welcomes e-mails from fellow travellers. hogueprophecy.com. He also welcomes you to join his FB Page.

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