Bodhi Ahado


…left his body on 19th August 2017.


Most of his friends will remember Ahado from the time they worked/played in the Kota Commune in Zurich, in Pune 2, or in Sedona.

Ahado was a very private person. He was very much loved for his liveliness and friendliness towards everybody.

Photos and info thanks to Shanti Sneha and Premyogi


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In the course of the last two years I spent many very precious moments with him; I could see how he was accepting his body becoming weaker and weaker, but still remaining light and friendly and, with authenticity, he was preparing himself for the moment of separation, whenever this would happen.

Beloved Friend: I last saw you in Switzerland a decade ago, and could feel already then your acceptance of the cancer. I miss your humour, and your kind smile. I still have the souvenir of the great painting job you did on my house. Fly high, Beloved. See you on the other shore.

Beloved Ahado, I wish you a beautiful voyage! Such a big heart! You and I were assisting in the Heart group in Poona – lots of laughters and hugs in this incredible environment of the Mystery School. Later I saw you in Sedona and you came to visit in Geneva. If you come across Kaveesha, say “I love you” for me! You are in my heart. Fly high,

Beloved Ahado, whenever I would see you in Sedona, I always felt touched by your big heart, your warm laugh and your beautiful spirit. You are missed here. Fly high dear friend. Fly high!

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