Priya Huffman reads one of her poems from her book ‘of Bone and Breath’.


Under the Blueberry Bushes

  Bare (with intro)


last night the winds tore
yellow red and purple

leaves from their fragile
autumn moorings

skeleton trees greet a cold
dawn, more placid now
after the big shake down

waving stick arms, as if
celebrating their bare

I’m remembering stories
parents whisper to each other
(never to their children) of weeping
and dancing as their last child
drives away

we hold close
to our chests, like a winning card
no one needs see, a new
lightness of being

till it’s time to show an open hand
to walk bare and spry

into our own
stripping winds.


Priya HuffmanPoem by Priya Huffman, from ‘of Bone and Breath‘ –
Featured image by Steve Russell –
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