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Once a seeker’s inner world is illuminated, he is bound to radiate light and spread it around, writes Pratiksha Apurv in Speaking Tree, India, on October 14, 2017.

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That which stimulates our eyesight and makes things visible to us is called jyoti or light. But, there’s another kind of light — an inner light, the light which makes us see even when we close our eyes, a light that lights up our dreams when we are asleep. All mystics talk about this inner light, which requires no outer source, neither the sunlight nor even a matchstick. It is a light that is within all, but hidden under several layers of thoughts and desires. It is available to all, only if we are aware of it and have a deep yearning to connect with it. Most times, it requires a master to ignite this inner spark. And when the master’s invisible matchstick lights it, then one’s whole life’s journey becomes illuminated. This one spark can go on to rekindle many more hearts and souls.

The Miracle of transmission

The Miracle of Transmission, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2017, 60′ ⌀


Seeking Light 

All seekers are searching for that light. Most times, it is the master who helps them light that first spark within. By rubbing two stones, you can build a fire. Similarly, some kind of interaction is required to ignite the inner light too, and that’s what takes place between master and seeker. But for this light to be ignited, total surrender is required from the seeker. With that one spark, the seeker’s inner world is illuminated. And once illuminated, he is bound to radiate this light; it cannot be contained or hidden. For this to happen, one has to be in a state of constant search. One has to be receptive and open for that luminous showering to happen. That one glowing jyoti or diya has the capacity to light up many other diyas.

It is not an ordinary diya of an earthen lamp and a wick. It is a source-less light – a light that has no known origin and one that is eternal. Once it is lit, the light will be everlasting. Describing this phenomenon, Osho says that we all are born with the seed and the possibility to know our inner light, but due to various reasons, the majority of us die as seeds only. The seed has the potential to become a tree. He says that it is the seeker alone, who can have a glimpse of his inner light and taste the ultimate bliss hidden inside, while the rest will return as a seed, totally empty. Unlit diyas, he says, are not accepted at God’s door. They will not be welcomed in his abode. So, the first thing is to be awake, to wake oneself up, and then to awaken others to be awake.

“He is illumination. His darkness has disappeared; his inner flame is burning bright. Smokeless is his flame. This meaning is opposite to darkness and the corresponding blindness and ignorance,” he says.

A true seeker is like pure love. He is completely dissolved in the master like a drop in the ocean. He is no more ‘I’. He is lost at the feet of the master and that very moment he is illuminated; that very moment light is born inside. Kabir says: Peechhe laaga jaai tha, lok ved ke saathi, aage the sadguru milya, deepak diya haathi — ‘I too was lost like others in folklore and holy scriptures; up ahead I met a sadhguru who handed me a lamp to light my way.’

More Beautiful 

This spark, the phenomenon of radiating the light, transmission of the lamp from one to another – all these things can be witnessed in a small seed as well. The small seed can make the whole earth green. But that seed needs to find the right soil to grow into a large tree. The seed without the right soil can do nothing. If it falls on stones, it will die without becoming a flower. Just like a master, who is needed to light the inner spark in the seeker, the seed within us requires the discipline and love of a master to prepare the right soil, the fertile earth to help us grow into a big tree one day. The moment the seed falls into the right earth and the soil is tilled, it dies, only to transcend into a big tree, and in turn, produces thousands of seeds to make this earth a little more beautiful, a little more blissful.

Like A Seed 

The right soil is very symbolic. It could be tilled only when one drops the mind and ego, thereby transforming it into a more receptive, humble and fertile soil for the inner journey. We are like seeds. The moment we dissolve into the right soil, the moment we die as a seed, there will be a flowering and that, in time, will grow into many more flowers, awakening the consciousness of the entire universe. This mystical phenomenon is similar to lighting a lamp.


Quote by Osho from The Heart Sutra, Ch 8, Q 1

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