‘Secret of Secrets’ – a new film in the making on the life and vision of Osho

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Exciting news about a new film, written, directed and produced by Bhikkhu of New Earth Records fame.


Bhikkhu is, together with Waduda, the co-founder of New Earth Records, now based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, a record label that produced Osho’s meditations for the first time in CD format, way back in 1990. Since then they have released over 200 New-Age music albums by artists the likes of Deuter, Terry Oldfield, Parijat, Chinmaya and many others. Last year, New Earth Records had 400 million songs streamed through different platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

This success story made us forget Bhikkhu’s ‘other life’ as a filmmaker. But maybe some of us might remember that in Pune 2 he worked in the video department and was a cameraman for the discourses, together with ‘Stonehead’ Niskriya. During that time Bhikkhu put together the well-known films ‘The Rising Moon’ and ‘Socrates Poisoned Again’.

When the other day we heard from him that he was working on a new film about Osho, many questions popped up. One of them was:

How did you get the idea to make this film? How did it all start?

In October 1989 Osho asked me, through his secretary Anando, to make a film titled ‘Life and Vision of Osho’, for which he gave only one hint: Life small – Vision big. This turned the project into a koan for me: How to put his vision into a short film? I shelved the project and, together with Waduda, concentrated these last 28 years on New Earth Records, which was also a project that Osho had given to us at the same time.

But… Anando kept nudging me and asking about the film. Finally, a year ago, I started to look at the film project again and opened up to really go for it and allow things to happen. Many dreams started to surface and through these I found the inspiration, like a door, on how to start. Last year I spent with research and talking to people in the US film industry, and came up with fresh ideas. Once I had found the key, everything fell magically into place.

Since I had trouble envisioning how to put Osho’s suggestion into one film, I am now working on several different projects at the same time. It looks as if it will become a trilogy. ‘Secret of Secrets’ is the working title at the moment. And I am in the process of working together with Osho International regarding the rights for Osho’s audio and video footage.

What kind of music will you have in the background?

For the music soundtrack we are lucky to have easy access to the vaults of New Earth Records and Music from the World of Osho. Plus, Deuter has already agreed to compose original music for the sound track!

Is Waduda also involved in this project?

Yes, we always work together as one team. She was actually the one who handed me my first video camera, just before we flew to Kathmandu to see Osho in 1985. That’s how my passion for filming started.

When will the film come out?

I can make an estimated guess that it will take me about 2 to 3 years to complete.

Who will be the target audience?

I want the films to reach, worldwide, a young audience interested in Yoga, meditation and awakening, by using all means given to us in this digital world. The aim is to draw their attention to Osho and inform them about his vision. I have noticed that nowadays many people do not know anything at all about him.

In our arsenal there were many more questions, which Bhikkhu answered in a beautiful way, showing clearly that there is not much of his doing behind it all, but more of a letting things happen. He simply said (or probably sang while typing):

“The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…”

Osho News will continue to keep you updated with the progress of the project. Updates will also be posted by Bhikkhu on social media and the web. Anybody interested can write to Bhikkhu.films@gmail.com

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