An ocean of light and love

Remembering Here&Now

Tantra teacher Radha gives an answer on video to “Can you speak about Osho as an ‘ordinary’ man?” (with Italian translation). Radha was one of the first mediums for Osho in darshans.

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I wish I could, and I have tried. But even in the times when I have been lucky enough to be close to him physically, I never felt – he was always talking about and also said, ‘I am an ordinary man’, I know it is true – I just cannot bring myself to describe… because whenever I went close to him all I could feel was an ocean of light and love.

Any time I have been close and touched him, I could not even fathom the depth of the void that I felt: an enourmous emptiness in a body, laughter, very funny, and very dangerous – you would never know what was coming next. That’s the only thing that I can tell you.

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