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Krishna Radha of Tantra Life replies to the question: What is repression?

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Q: What is repression?

Repression is not having allowed our potential to the fullest. We started to learn that there is a right and wrong in sex; that there is a sex that we can do and another sex we cannot do. That there is a sex which can only be done with love or a sex which is dirty. The actual, natural energy of sex has been deviated.

Now children, adolescents, learn a sex which is not natural sex. They learn a sex which they see on the computers, from the internet, which is completely taken out of its nature, into the head. What remains is a sex which is genital sex and mind sex. These two things are working.

Mind sex can never be a sex which is total because it does not involve your body, it does not involve your being, it does not involve your emotions.

A lot of young people tell me they are doing everything right what they see on the internet but they have no connection to actually what is going on with the person they have in bed with them.

Repression is basically a cork on your life.

It is absolutely necessary to bring back your attention and take off this cork. And to do that you have to become natural. You have to go back to your nature. And to go back to your nature is the whole message of Tantra.


Radha C. Luglio is the founder of the Tantralife method and the inspirer of Tantralife school; she is a Meditation and Tantra teacher with over twenty years of experience in leading trainings and courses. She lived in India in the ashram for more than twenty years, meditating, studying, and working also as a medium in energy transmissions between master and disciples. She taught at the School of Tantra in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune. She is author of the book: Tantra a way of living and loving, published in eight languages.

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