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Arjuna (John Hogue) has just now published his 46th book: his world-wide prophecies for the current year. Bhagawati selected excerpts from each chapter.

Arjuna John HogueHow Arjuna is able to create such penetrating, current and important books in a short time, remains his secret. What I do know is that he is enigmatic, extremely insightful and intuitive and works through the night if need be. Which it often is. His energy levels are high and his fingers dance over his ergonomic keyboard like Daniil Trifonov’s over piano keys. His filing system is legendary (old-school) and he finds every piece of research with admirable precision. Besides giving radio talks, he appears in TV documentaries and reports, and is basically available 24/7.

Ten Predictions 2018 CoverHis latest book is the result of yet another writing marathon and his astute predictions for 2018 are rooted in current events, with references to Nostradamus and astrology. To me, this book is a gripping read with much food for thought and helps understand the broader picture of our play here on Earth.

Arjuna’s ten prophecies complement each other necessarily – please find below choice excerpts from each one of them without any spoilers, making sure not to let any cat out of the bag prematurely.

For all our readers interested in astrology and prophecy and for all those weary from reading predictions interpreted old-humanity fashion, here’s something novel!

The first prophecy
2018: The year of acceleration!

To shift the sloth of thousands of years of unconscious habit at last quickening with alarm will take a decade’s time filled with the intensifying of strains pressing upon all we’ve been programmed to believe, identify and value without conscious understanding.

The future says: Human beings will be faced with recognizing the difference between “false” aloneness and sharing their unique Aloneness, with a capital “A”, together.

The concept of “going on your own” will have to make an evolutionary jump of conscious understanding

The second prophecy
Uranus and the Last Chance Sextile

The Jupiter-Pluto sextile will launch this year until the end of April as a positive aspect advantageous for reforming US tax codes, health care, jump-starting the Great American Rebuild. This is America’s last chance to put aside Red conservative and Blue liberal polarities in Washington and work together.

This Last Chance Sextile will also help ease the pain of the UK Brexit with a big negotiated step towards a soft fall by March 2019.

There will be a planetary emergency in the early 2020s not seen since the Second World War, only this will be a war against human stupidity of an old and auto-suicidal humanity.

The third prophecy
Will Trump be impeached?

Although Trump was elected president exactly under the same aspects Hitler had during the Reichstag fire, he is not the ‘new Hitler’. Do not be distracted by the hysterical accusations to come. Look behind Trump. Look at who he’s surrounded himself with naively: agents of The Deep State. The Deep State is the new flavor of Fascism in our times during this Uranus in Taurus return.

I contend that sometimes a forecast about a hot button issue like this is best served by leapfrogging over all the arguments to keep the reader on the eye of the ‘prize’, if you will, the ‘outcome’. We all want to know where this Washington-to-Moscow swamp story is going, so without further delay, here’s my Oracle’s message…

The fourth prophecy
The rise of the most formidable candidate for Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist

The importance of any Third Antichrist candidate is what upwards of 25 years of mayhem proceeds from their sudden and violent death. Saddam hanged, Usama given a head shot, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi completely blown to bits – annihilated – in a Russian Air Force bombing raid on the ISIS capital in occupied Syria, al-Raqqa.

To be frank, last year I started to believe that with al-Baghdadi’s annihilation he could be the last candidate, the last danger of a war immediately following his death that destroys people and animals across the planet. I could at last put to rest a ‘sleuth’-sayer’s investigation I began in 1983, satisfied that Nostradamus’ last best suspect for being a future Antichrist, a young dark man of evil doing in my lifetime, like all the rest of the top Arab candidates coming to power young, was the last.

Case closed, perhaps?

I wish I could say yes.

The fifth prophecy
The late great war with Iran

Sages say that if you arm, train and prepare for World War III for decades you are pretty much programming yourselves to fight it.

“While in theory there is nothing which is absolutely inevitable, in actuality there are things which are almost inevitable,” mused the Indian mystic Osho to his personal secretary on 30 July 1982 during the peak of the nuclear arms race of the first Cold War.

“People believe that wars happen in the future, whereas in reality they happen in the past; the fighting is only a consequence of many events which have already occurred. Viewed from this perspective, all the causes of the Third World War have already happened. There is therefore only a very remote possibility that the conflict itself will not take place.” (Land of the Lotus Paradise, 1984)

[…] The prophet [Nostradamus, ed.] used astrology to date the moment when the idea of war with Iran was first seeded in the minds of Western leaders: either August-September 2016 or July-September of 2017. The latter time is better, taking place in tandem with the astrologically significant and US destiny-changing influence of the great American solar eclipse on 21 August 2017.

It also had significant astrological influence on Trump’s future destiny for running head first and head strong into adventures of outrageous warfare. Though the mainstream press is betting this happens with North Korea, the prophecies of Nostradamus point to war being far more likely against the Iranians. According to the prophecy of Western war plans (9 Q55), the Western idea of war with the East (Iran) becomes a reality a year later. That means brace yourself for a war with Iran possibly in July-September 2018.

The sixth prophecy
The alarming rise of corporate fascism

Adolf Hitler is never having a second coming. Adolf Algorithm is his replacement. Adolf Al is being applied to your major search engines, your Internet and in other ways to brain-shape your perception without you perhaps noticing. This is a new, Aquarian-Age style of tyranny, a submission of mind bending to the will of the powerful. Your search engines are becoming your tools for finding what the powerful want you to imprint with, while you go on thinking that you are a clever surfer of the Net.

[…] You’ll see censorship of alternative media accelerate in 2018. Your sources of information in America alone used to have nearly 200 network companies. Now it is reduced to a monopoly of six and soon five over-lording corporations who now become gatekeepers of a new ‘Thought Police’ controlling access to your world and your friends.

“Heil Adolf Algorithm!”

The new Facebooked Führer strengthens your emotional and political bubble in their own image of “you.”

The seventh prophecy
Oprah’s p.o.w. wow!

Since watching Oprah’s speech [at Golden Globe 2018, ed.], I have returned to an oracular question I harbored back in the days of August 2015. I once again face a similar moment when Trump’s run for president was set before me to be astrologically divined by examining his birth chart for the first time. Now I regard Oprah’s astrology for the first time.

Will the same and sudden oracular clarity flash into being?

[…] Out of the objective signs, houses and aspects there arose a deep and subjective, oracular clarity, pellucid as it was utterly silent. Trump had the destiny to become president and he was the only one who could upset Hillary Clinton’s destiny to become the first woman president of the United States.

So here I go again jumping into the unknown, into another celebrity’s astrology I’ve never examined before…. My Oracle will perhaps answer this question loud and clearly: Can a Reality Star beat the current Reality Star in Chief sitting in the White House today?

The eighth prophecy
The year of storms and record temperatures

Nature is usually ignored as the background to our lives. Who looks around oneself when caught up in the narcissistic dramas and ambitions to succeed in life, in a job, in a marriage and rear successfully children in our own image?

Who concerns themselves with the clouds, or lack thereof, until it is too late and the fires come to denude the hills, and then there will come hard rains to bring the hills cascading down into our houses? Too late then, when the backdrop of the stage of our lives comes crashing in on our ‘act’.

I’m going to get Zen on you.

See reality as it is with attention.

This Paris Agreement is a ‘nothing burger’.

The ninth prophecy
Artificial intelligence is humanity’s greatest challenge

Humanity is like a race of Buddhas that one day played a game of forgetting they were awakened ones. They played this ego game and forgot they were Buddhas. Then they forgot it was a game.

Ever since, humanity has been unaware of accidentally turning itself into a robot and thus setting our inventions to enhance humans becoming mechanical. Only now in our long evolution are we on the threshold of making machines that have an Intelligence Quotient, an IQ that could exponentially exceed the brightest human being. There are new supercomputers being completed. Some believe their knowledge will reach some singularity of IQ, some breakthrough into sentient consciousness.

To me, this anticipated end is the ultimate stupidity of human intellect. To me IQ means our ‘Idiot Quotient’. I take my definition of ‘idiot’ all the way back to its ancient Greek roots. It means, “One who is under the illusion of being separate from the Whole, from the Universe.”

The tenth prophecy
A year of empowered women, “hollyweird” and witch hunts

I see the nascent, first rumbling launch of a woman’s civil rights movement from post-Trump elected pink kitty hats in their hundreds of thousands marching in Washington and across the US. A year later one finds the movement upending the status quo of Hollywood and TV media misogyny at the end of 2017 leading to another ‘I have a Dream’ speech at the January 2018 Golden Globes from an African American, Oprah Winfrey.

[…] I want to lovingly advise women that you are not immune to repeating the kind of abuse of power that men so long and infamously committed in what has so far been a man’s-world of misery History.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, says the philosopher, but the wise and enlightened meditator, like Osho, had a different insight. I heard him say that power does not corrupt. It exposes the unconscious will to corrupt hidden in the mind of men and womb-men alike.

Yet despite this danger, Osho did something historically unique in the annals of 5,000 years of spiritual communes, ashrams and communities helping each other with a guiding master to seek and find enlightenment. He suggested that we give all the power of running our commune city to woman only. He, and we, whether born male or female, had hopes that women would not abuse power like men had for too long.

The US midterm election forecast

Astrologically speaking, I’m talking here about the early months of 2018 aligning its most favorable aspects for Democrats working together with Republicans.

[…] Now a word on who is already the “real” winner of the coming Midterm Election.

What neither side of voting masses will be aware of nine months hence is how they are being played as sheeple to the shepherds of corporate interests behind the scenes. That is a signature influence of Saturn in Capricorn.

[…] The moment when the A team (Republican Party) or the B Team (Democratic Party) begins racing past the losing team, the losing team hands the baton to the team that’s taking the lead. The voters are like a multitude of movie extras in the background in the stands, blindly cheering them on. You voters only provide the crowd noise to a corporate switch and swindling game. In either case, with either team, these saturnine-in-Capricorn business interests control the “runners” who ran for offices you voted for.

You vote them in, they go to Washington to serve their campaign financiers. Republican or Democrat racer costumes cover only this naked fact. The corporates control your elected officials and their parties. It is always their racer taking the lead in your name, but it is their game.

You are just an onlooker, a necessary background color and noisemaker in this “let’s pretend” Democracy.

[…] The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio will be remembered as an expansion of totalitarianism in the so-called ‘Free World’. Conversely, the citizens of the former hegemons of communist tyranny will increase upward mobility, wealth and more individual freedom.

That’s the astrological fact of life since the transit started in December 2017.

Presentation by Bhagawati

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Arjuna (John Hogue) is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He is author of more than 1,000 articles and 46 published books (over 1,180,000 copies sold) in 20 languages and sought-after for radio and TV talks shows. Arjuna presently lives in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island, USA and welcomes e-mails from fellow travellers. hogueprophecy.com. He also welcomes you to join his Facebook Page.

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